Hello fellow dreamers!! Thank you for stopping by 🙂 I’m Meli, The Dreaming Yogi and I am thrilled to share my experiences with you and provide some helpful information that helped me overcome panic attacks and anxiety.  Among other things, I use dream interpretation to continue my healing since we are the only ones who really know what is bothering us.  Our dreams are trying to give us a message, are you willing to listen?

I am available for dream interpretations.  Check out my store to book or look through the other dream tools I use to enhance dreams and restful sleep. If you want to learn more about how I got here read My Journey post.  🙂

Credentials/Certified in the following:

Dream Interpreter

Crystal Healer

Holistic Tarot Reader

Lunar Mystic

DoTERRA Wellness Advocate


~Soon to be Yoga instructor 🙂

“Meli is a wonderful dream interpreter! She is super open and willing to look into your dreams from all different angles so you can get the best idea of what your dreams are trying to share! You can tell this is something she loves to do because it truly shows in her work.”


Megan Weinberg

“I was having some very disturbing dreams that coincided with a lot of turmoil in my life. I contacted Meli and she listened attentively as I attempted to explain this very detailed and wild series of dreams and gave me a very comprehensive explanation of what my dreams were reflecting in my life. She was very kind and sensitive to what was going on in my life. Speaking with her helped me discover and heal some things from my past and move forward. I feel blessed to have found her.”

Megan Nicole Boulé