Are you a yoga teacher, currently training to be or just want to see how you can uplevel your own yoga practice? Even if you’re not a teacher this is something that you can do for yourself. I will be sharing why every yoga teacher should learn about dream work and how yoga and dreams compliment each other.

First let’s re-establish what yoga is. When I first started doing yoga, like many others, I just thought that it was about the posture. The goal was to be more flexible, to be more fit and all about the physical body. But in reality yoga is not just the posture and the physical practice. That’s just a small portion of it. The physical posture is called Asana, which is one of the eight limbs, but there is so much more that encompasses yoga which stands for Union.  It’s this whole Mind and Body connection or union when we practice true yoga.

When we add dream interpretation to our yoga practice we are encompassing all of it, because yoga does help with the energetic body as well as the physical body. 

The dream interpretation is hyper focused on the subconscious mind and we can create this beautiful Union within both of them. So I’m going to share some ways here that you can add dream interpretation to your practice or maybe even to the private sessions you offer for your yoga students. 

#1. Opens you up for deeper understanding & conversation

Let’s think for a moment that when you’re taking a yoga class don’t you notice that you have deeper conversations with your friends afterwards, maybe with the students or teacher after class.  Yoga opens you up to having these deeper conversations.  It brings you more into the present moment by grounding you, addressing the energetic body and also with the breath work and everything that it brings forward. It allows you to be more centered and lets your conscious mind open more. When you become more present as a result of a consistent yoga practice it’s also going to allow you to be more present in your dreams and have these thought provoking questions in waking Life that can be accessed in your dreams as well. Such a beautiful cycle.

Have you noticed dreams become more hazy and more scattered when we ourselves are all over the place in our waking life? When we’re stressed all sorts of random dreams and nightmares occur which are still going to happen but you can see that connection a little bit more after a really profound yoga session. 

You can practice a gentle flow right before bed, that’s going to allow the mind chatter to quiet and let the subconscious speak to you more clearly in a way that you can understand your true thoughts and feelings about a situation. Having those conversations is a way that we can see how yoga really opens our mind up more so we can have clarity and quiet the mental chatter. Especially if your class is focused on the third eye and opening the higher chakras you’ll notice that your students as well as yourself will have more of those dreams show up and can bring them to class or to a private session.

#2. Crafting a specialized yoga session based on the dream

Once we open up the conversation of dreams in a yoga class we can then practice what I call dream alchemy which is taking action to transform your life based on the dream message received.  If you are using dream interpretation with your yoga students you can customize the session to address whatever the message in the dream was that needs attention.  For example this can be pinpointing the energetic body, emotion or whatever the situation came up in the dream. You can address it in your yoga class and then that’s going to open up the body more which results in more thought provoking dreams and conversations with opportunity to address other areas.  This is how we create this whole Union within the dreams and yoga. 

Their dreams become the source of awareness, or Svadhyaya, making it easier to understand what needs to be worked on that day. From there you can craft your class to address specifically that issue and the beauty behind this is that the dream is also going to show the progress that’s being made because the dreams are going to shift. If your clients are having nightmares or recurring themes showing up, the work that you’re doing with your clients by working through the energetic body through yoga will shift those nightmares into something more positive with a resolution before moving on to the next point of healing. They will have closure in the dream when the healing is complete, that’s going to relate to the work that you were doing in your Yoga class. 

Aside from the dreams a well-rounded yoga class is going to help your clients sleep better and release any stress before bed. If you’re doing something like a restorative flow or something more gentle right before bed or something that gets them going in the mornings after addressing what the dream situation is.

Quick example:

If your client is having dreams related to the throat chakra it can look like dreams where they are choking, teeth related dreams, can’t scream etc. These are very common type dreams. Then in your session you can really address the throat chakra and incorporate other tools, in what I call yoga rituals, where you bring in the crystals, essential oils, mudras, yantras and anything that you want that supports the throat chakra.

If you want to do this for yourself, you just know you’re stressed or you’re just feeling all out of sorts but you can’t really pinpoint exactly what the problem is you dreams will tell you exactly what the troubling situation is if you just know how to interpret them.

And that’s what I teach in my certification and coaching program where I guide you through becoming a certified dream interpreter and adding your own specialty into it such as yoga and dreams or any other area of focus. You can turn these into a dual session with a dream interpretation and yoga class for your future clients or add an additional service to your business.

And that’s how dream interpretation can make you a better yoga teacher!

How will you add dream interpretation into your yoga practice? Leave a comment below

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