If you are a business owner in whatever holistic field your business is in you probably want to help your client achieve a certain transformation and get them to go from where they currently are to a desired goal. This can be applied to yoga teachers, astrologers. tarot readers, Reiki practitioners, even for business coaches just to name a few. Whatever it is you specialize in the common theme is that clients are coming to you because they want to make changes in their life and they need some support and guidance from you.

The truth is even with the best intentions, no transformation can really occur without the AWARENESS of what the issue is that’s creating your clients current reality. Whatever limiting belief or stuck pattern. 

Adding Dream Interpretation to your sessions

Adding Dream interpretation to your sessions is going to allow you and your client to see what those limiting beliefs are and get to the root of it. Oftentimes, we think an issue is something else that’s more surface level when in reality it is something much deeper. By taking a look at the subconscious mind of your client through their dreams you’ll be able to see where the work really needs to happen so you can get to the root of it and make monumental progress!! If the root issue is not addressed then it is very likely that your client might return to that habit or pattern even if you provide thee best session and offering. We want to get clients those lasting results and dream interpretation, in combination with your specialty, will get them there!

Baseline of Success

As you work with your client, their dreams will naturally start to shift as a reflection of the work they are doing with you! This is valuable information and way to track the success of your client by making dream work part of the assignment with whatever your offering is. You’re going to notice that your clients are going to start seeing those shifts as well especially if they deal with recurring dreams or nightmares. Dreams will be more positive and have a resolution, they may even get ideas come through. The dream is going to morph into something that reflects the changes their making and HOW THEY’RE FEELING ABOUT IT!

Time to Brainstorm!

So how can your specific clients benefit from dream work and really uplevel your current offering by including this special practice? If you have your own resistance towards creating your business or growing your business then this is also an invitation to explore YOUR OWN DREAMS.

Download my free “Chakras of your business” workbook, which includes prompts and a guideline towards creating your own aligned business plan .

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Do you talk to your client about their dreams?

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