I hear people say all the time “I just don’t dream!” and the truth is EVERYONE DREAMS, just not everyone remembers. So lets go over 3 simple tips you can do tonight to help you remember your dreams in the morning. As with any practice, consistency is key! Do one or all three of these each night and morning and you will be recalling more details each time!

So why is it important to remember?

Dreams are the minds way of processing what goes on in your day. They will show you any lingering feelings you have about something that happened that day or even from much longer that hasn’t been dealt with even though you may have brushed it off during the day.

It’s a way to process everything you deal with and each night dreams are trying to show you your inner Truth. Imagine what huge awareness it would bring if we paid more attention to these messages.
Once you become aware of these emotions and thoughts the real healing can occur as you take action from what your dreams are trying to show you.

What a beautiful ability we have every single night right?!

So here are my three tips to dream recall:

1.Set an intention:

As you start to drift to sleep in what I call the “limbo stage” (not fully awake but not entirely asleep) this is the perfect time to repeat an affirmation that you ARE going to remember your dreams in the morning. This plants the seed in your mind that this is information you want to keep when you wake. Let your mind know dreams and the information behind them are important to you now.

2. Dream journal:

“But how can I keep a dream journal if I’m not remembering my dreams?” Simply writing something like “No dream to record” or “Didn’t remember my dream tonight” this solidifies your intention from the night before. Now there is actual action behind the words you said in your affirmation. By grabbing the pen and notebook you are now reprogramming your mind into knowing it is important for you to remember your dreams. You will need to be patient and consistent with this. Don’t skip a day and keep a journal and pen next to your bed. 

Fun Fact: It is said that we forget about 50% of our dreams within the first 5 minutes of waking up and 90% after the first 10 minutes. So we gotta act quick here before you start your day.

Within about 2 weeks you may start remembering certain key notes of your dreams even if it’s not in full detail jot down whatever you do remember and you will see the details getting clearer the more you work on this. Similar to a physical workout that needs dedication and commitment you are working out your mind and opening up your third eye center. 

3.Grab your tools

Now if you need some extra extra support and you love using tools like I do grab some essential oils and crystals.
Lavender is a mild sedative that will help you sleep throughout the night because one of the things that affects dream recall is interrupted sleep. Lavender oil will help you calm your mind and relax your body so you can reach all stages of sleep which will bring forth multiple dreams depending how many hours of sleep you’re getting.

Blue lotus oil is another great one to help bring clarity and open your third eye which is connected to your dreams.
It helps remember these dream experiences that happen at night.
Both of these are considered third eye / dream oils.

Dream Recall Ritual

Apply your oils on your third eye making sure they are properly diluted to avoid any sensitivities. Lavender can be applied on the soles of your feet and down your spin for extra calming. Take a few deep breaths as you say your affirmation while you drift off. In the morning grab your journal from your nightstand and write anything you remember or felt upon waking up. Don’t force it. You can also grab some dream recall crystals to complete this mini ritual.

Give one or all of these a try and let me know what worked for you!  

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