Did you know you can use crystals for dream work? Crystals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, types and colors each with a wide range of properties. Each crystal has it own frequency so when you work with one for a period of time you will match the frequency of the crystal.

Some ways you can use these crystals for dreamwork are:

    • To help you remember your dreams when you wake

    • Protect against nightmares

    • Promote restful sleep

    • Enhance your dreams by making them more vivid

    • Program the dream you want to have so you can have specific questions answered

and so much more!


Here are the top 3 I recommend always having by your night stand.

1. Lepidolite

promotes peaceful sleep and is one of my favorite crystals for dream recall. Meditate with it right before bed with the affirmation that you will remember your dreams when you wake up, then place it under your pillow. The next morning place the lepidolite on your third eye for a few minutes. Every time I do this at least 4-5 dreams come rushing back to memory!


2. Malachite 

This beautiful green crystal helps with insomnia and restless nights. Hold Malachite one hour before you want to go to sleep and keep it with you when you go to bed. Do this for two weeks although you should notice a difference sooner!


3. Amethyst

Amethyst is the purple one in the image above and is good for calming your thoughts, nerves and great for meditation. All of this makes it a great tool to unwind before bed.  It also protects against nightmares and promotes sweet dreams. I make dream wands out of selenite and amethyst chips to brush my aura before bed and release any negative situations from the day to help me fall asleep faster and not bring those stressors into my dreams.

These stones can be placed under your pillow, next to your nightstand or anywhere that is close to you and your bed. If placing it under your pillow, make sure you are comfortable and it’s a smooth tumbled stone. Last thing you want is for a sharp crystal to be the reason you are tossing and turning!


Which one of these crystals do you want to add to your dreamwork?