When it comes to dream interpretation you might think it’s just a matter of looking up your dream symbols and finding what it means to you but the truth is there is so much more to that and it all starts with finding your dream baseline.

Think of what a normal dream is for you? Is it in black n white? Do you see yourself in 1st person or 3rd person? Are there common themes or people that always show up etc. As you start diving deeper into your spirituality and dreamwork practice it naturally opens you up to other types of dreams that can be more spiritual in nature, prophetic or even past life dreams. Interpretations for each dream type is completely different so by knowing your dream baseline and then figuring out the dream type you can get most accurate dream interpretations.

Dream dictionaries and google don’t consider any of this so it’s very essential to put those inaccurate resources and do some exploration on your own interpretations without the bias of those sites!

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So what is your dream baseline?

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