There are many different struggles when it comes to sleep issues or insomnia. Some have trouble falling asleep, others staying asleep and now we’re seeing more bedtime procrastinators. Which one are you?

Bedtime procrastination is one of the common sleep issues we face in our modern rushed society.  This is when you are able to fall asleep with ease and stay asleep however you procrastinate going to bed or getting ready for bed even to the point of fighting off sleep. Does that sound familiar?

This happens when we fill up our day from beginning to end and when its time to go to bed we want to stay up to have some time to yourself. 

How to overcome bedtime procrastination

If this is happening to you look at your calendar or journal your schedule and see where you can add some room for short moments of me time.

For example:

  • dedicated lunch time away from your desk.
  • 10 min walk break,
  • 10 min yoga break,
  • even 3- 5 minutes of deep breathing in between your day so there is a sense of regrouping.

It doesn’t have to be long hours of free time but these short breaks will make a huge difference!

nighttime ritual challenge

What will you do to refuel during your short breaks?

So what is your dream baseline?