Do you find yourself waking up at the same time in the middle of the night for various nights in a row? Maybe you look at the clock and see it’s 4:37am for example and it’s always the same. Next time this happens keep a note of what time you keep waking up at because there is a reason for that and these times are important indicators to watch out for not only emotional issues but physical ones as well.

Our mind and body are always trying to send us signals when something is off, maybe your heart starts racing when you’re in a potentially dangerous situation or just the energy of someone rubs you the wrong way. 

In learning how to first quiet all the noise around us and be able to recognize these subtle hints you’ll be able to address the situation before it spirals or becomes worse. 

When it comes to waking up at certain times this is related to our own body clock and  how energy moves through certain organs at certain times. Knowing this you’ll be able to pinpoint what organ is active during the time you woke up and decipher if its a physical or emotional situation that is being processed and what to do about it. 

For example waking up between 11am -1am is considered the gallbladder time and is linked to resentment or emotional disappointment.

Learn more on the different times and what to do with each inside Cosmic Dream Alchemy.

What repeating times are you waking up at?