If you’ve done any amount of research on dreams and interpretations you’ve probably found the number one tip to be to keep a dream journal. This is also the first suggestion I give when someone struggles remembering their dreams. It may sound simple but the best way to reprogram your mind into retaining more details about each dream is through keeping a dream journal.

However, there is an effective way to keep a dream journal that will give you more details and better observations for accurate interpretations.

We have so much information to retain throughout the day that the brain takes notice of what information it thinks is important based on your patterns. Once you get in the habit of writing down what you remember first thing in the morning instead of rushing out of bed you’ll start noticing more details start surfacing. 

What to keep in your dream journal

  • Always date your entries
  • Keep a recap of your day to find connection between your dreams
  • Write as much as you remember
  • Go back and give it a title as if it were a movie
  • Add in how you felt in the dream as well as when you woke. For ex: In a nightmare you may have felt empowered and not scared
  • Leave room for reflections at the end of the day
  • Optional: write the moon phase, day in your cycle for women or key astrological factors to start noticing any patterns

Revisit your journals often, I like to review them at least every time I fill one up. It’s a good queue before starting a new one to see what stands out in old ones. 

You may find patterns or even dreams that then happened in waking life or see how a certain scenario in your dream played out in your real life.

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Download this workbook to start your dream journaling practice and remember more dreams.

Do you keep a dream journal? or will you start to?

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