Have you been feeling like you are stuck in an unhealthy cycle? Perhaps you’re just going through the motions of the day-to-day, on auto-pilot, not really knowing how to break free. Ever try to start a new routine that you know will help but you keep finding yourself resisting to start or follow through with it?

If you have been in this constant cycle of, for example, feeling anxious, not sleeping well and then repeat the next day first I want to say, you’re not alone!

This is something that I have noticed throughout my journey, I would be committed to my spiritual practice and feeling great then life happens and I fall back into the same unhealthy patterns. We have to remember that we can’t always be in that constant high vibration, challenges happen all the time and that is part of this Human Experience.

When we get down on ourselves or a challenge is perceived to be a bit much to handle it may seem easier to fall back into old habits and continue spiraling down. So let’s break it down and figure out why you’re still feeling stuck.


The first reason you may be feeling stuck is that you are not be aware of what’s really affecting you. You may have noticed something feels off or that you’re experiencing anxious feelings and tired of feeling that way but the root cause of that emotion or pattern is not clear. You may not even be aware of the words you’re saying or the thoughts that heighten this resistance.

You cannot change what you’re not aware of!

Routines may not be working because what you thought was the issue was just the first layer of the real issue. If you keep addressing the superficial level it will keep coming up until you get to the bottom of it. So it’s important to dig deep into the root cause of that stuck emotion so you can break the pattern.

So how do we do that?? By paying attention to your DREAMS. Common themes will continue to show up even if you don’t remember them. It’s like the residue of the day spilling over into your night where your subconscious is bringing it up through these dream symbols to show you what’s really causing this problem.

If you are struggling with remembering your dreams, then download my free workbook and start tapping in to what’s really keeping you stuck.

2. Alignment

The second reason is you may not be living your life in alignment with your true purpose. This resistance happens when you’re not tapped into your soul calling either at work or during your free time. Notice throughout your day if you are dreading a certain task or feeling like you HAVE to versus GET to do something.

When you’re living in alignment with whatever that calling is for you, you’re going to notice that things are just going to flow a lot better. You will feel replenished instead of drained and time will fly by. You’re not going to have that inner push and pull and things will feel natural.

If you feel like it’s a drag to go and do certain things, maybe it’s time to revisit why you’re doing it and what do you wish to be doing instead.

3. Planetary Influences

And the third reason why you may be feeling stuck is that you are NOT working with the planetary influences. You’re swimming against the stream of these Cosmic energies around us. We’re all born with this unique signature and the planets have a huge influence on us. Even though we still have free will to make our own choices the planets can guide us.

Just notice how your emotions are during a full moon or an eclipse. You can track your emotions throughout the month and go back and see what was happening with the moon or major astrological event during the time you were feeling extra sensitive. This can really give you a sense of how influential these planets are. So if you’re not working with the energies, then
you’re working against them. That can also create that block within you.

This is why I personally love to talk about astrology and dreams! I have heard a lot of clients express how they went from feeling lost with no direction to getting that aha moment and knowing exactly what to do to move past these hurdles once we looked at their natal charts and their dreams.

Where are you feeling stuck?