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Have you ever noticed you can’t read in dreams? Keeping this in mind is a good way of starting lucid dreaming by becoming aware of certain “dream rules” that will help you realize you are dreaming and then take control over your dreams! I dreamed last night I was flipping through an old book. This represents accomplishments and things you have learned or want to learn throughout your life. I am learning so much from my vibrational crystal course and am so excited about it that it makes sense I would have a dream that relates to the knowledge I’m gaining with the Dreaming Blossoms team. Book dreams have a lot of other meanings as well such as flipping through pages can mean you are trying to recall a past event. Depending on the content of the dream it can also show a fear you might have of something in your life becoming “published”.

Dream Interpretation



Have you ever been worried about a test at school or issue at work and find yourself dreaming about it? Maybe with different scenarios but related to what has been going through your mind while you’re awake. When we dream our subconscious mind is still awake so it makes sense that we would dream of that scary movie we watched before bedtime or a party we’re excited to plan. This seems pretty straightforward but what if we add emotional feelings or conflicts that we have not yet dealt with but is buried within our subconscious. If you pay close attention to your dreams they can make it easier for you to decipher what is really bothering you and then find a self healing tool that is appropriate for the issue at hand. Continue reading “Ice”

Dream Interpretation



Having nightmares is NOT fun!! Unless you’re watching a horror movie this Halloween season!  There are many other reasons nightmares occur. Some include new medications, being sick, going through a dramatic/traumatic event, going through a major life transition, stress, just to name a few. Nightmares, in particular, can bring us valuable information on what is causing us the most stress in our everyday life. These nightmares, especially if they are reoccuring, can be solved by focusing on how they relate to your waking life. Determine the symbolism behind it and even change the outcome of the dream. Use this to help pay closer attention to the areas in your life that are triggering these nightmares. They’re trying to give you a message. Are you willing to listen?

Dream Interpretation



Dreaming of water typically represents our emotions.  If you’ve ever had a dream where you are drowning it might mean you are feeling overwhelmed or like your emotions are “drowning” you by being to hard to handle. Take a moment to observe the situation of the dream. If you are peacefully swimming to safety then deep down your subconscious knows and is telling you that you will overcome the wave of emotions you are currently going through.

Dream Interpretation



I have had a lot of dreams where I’m driving out of control or about to crash. 😨Pretty scary! Driving dreams are also very common. If you dream of losing control behind the wheel or rushing through traffic this can mean you are feeling out of control or rushed in your life. Your subconscious might be telling you to slow down. Although some driving dreams aren’t always hectic, if that’s the case, it can also suggest you are craving success.

Dream Interpretation



dream_interpretation_flyingMy dog Benji thinks he can fly with his cute Superman costume!!! Dreaming of flying can represent wanting to let go of something or needing freedom. Details in the dream can help understand how you see your journey through life.