Baby Dreamcatcher with sample oil

Mini dreamcatcher with mini oil to carry in your car, hang or keep in your sacred space. They each have a crystal in the webbing.


Chakra Dreamcatcher (Medium)

Medium dreamcatcher with matching crystal in the web associated with specific chakra. Each sold separately. Select your color(s) in the notes section.


All Chakra Dreamcatchers with Essential Oil Roller Bottle

This includes the chakra dreamcatcher pictured with matching crystal in each web plus your choice of crystal infused essential oil roller blend. Can be customized based on chakras, emotional or physical needs. (leave choice of oil in the comments)


Crystal Infused Essential Oil Blend

Customized blends available for just about any discomforts such as headaches, lack of motivation, stress and more! Leave a comment in the note section of what type of blend you want and I will research what the best oils are and infuse it with the appropriate crystals for your concern. *Can contact me at for any questions 🙂


Dream Wand with Workbook download

This dream wand is made of a selenite wand with small amethyst crystals on the top. Amethyst (as shown in this picture) helps remember your dreams and promotes restful sleep. Selenite cleanses your area and protects against negative energies. Includes my dream journal & workbook download.


Dream Pillow with Workbook download

This little dream pillow is filled with lavender buds, rose petals, jasmine flowers and small crushed amethyst and clear quartz to make dreams more vivid and promote sweet loving and even prophetic dreams. The lavender helps relax the body to help fall asleep faster. Includes my dream journal & workbook download.


6 thoughts on “Shop”

  1. Everything she makes is made with 100% good vibes and love. Her passion to help people heal is transmitted through everything she does. I have purchased multiple oils from her and they definitely help. Her dream catchers are the cutest! I absolutely recommend ❤

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  2. I’ve received a few of the products from Meli, and really enjoy their quality! You can guarantee that she’ll only put what she deems is safe for her customers in the shop. There are so many refreshing oils and fragrances that I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to cleanse their lifestyle.
    P.S. My personal favorite is Patchouli, haha!

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  3. Highly recommend!! Custom Roller Ball Oil— I provided some details for each of my 3 daughters and Meli made the perfect blend with oils-crystals-and flowers for each one!!!! They LOVED them and they were spot on mixology if exactly what they needed!! Thank you so much Meli!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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