Have a dream your curious about? Want to understand the planetary energies you were born with? Choose a session and book below!

8 thoughts on “Services”

  1. I was having a recurring dream that would leave me feeling anxious. It was very vivid and real to life. Meli helped me interpret the meaning behind it. It was an emotional, yet beautiful experience. She is kind and compassionate and empathetic! Since my session with her, I was able to consciously do some work to address the root cause. What’s more, the dream stopped. I haven’t had the recurring dream since! Thank you Meli!

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  2. Her tarot readings are always spot on! She is able to guide me or reinforce what I am working on. I always look forward to her readings and seeing how they manifest in my life!

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  3. I am so grateful to be connected to Meli of The Dreaming Yogi. She has assisted me in further understanding aspects of myself through the analysis of my birth chart by walking me through it gracefully with her knowledge and wisdom.
    Meli has also helped me navigate difficult emotions and situations through tarot, oracle, and very grounded advice. Yet at the same time, she leaves space for the magic to develop and present itself.
    Recently, I had been having concerning feelings over a reoccurring theme in my dreams connected to my family, but as I had suspected, she reassured me and enlightened me with key information to help me understand what was coming through from my higher self.
    I have worked with Meli multiple times, from working within the community, to creating oil rollers with magical herbs, gems, and essential oils, to providing an online community where you feel safe, valid, and empowered all at the same time.
    Again, I am forever grateful for the dots we have connected together to assist all involved and the heart warming moments where we create powerful, loving community.

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  4. I’m so happy that I connected with Meli over a year and a half ago! She has given me several tarot readings and an astrology reading and they were all excellent. I am very impressed with her knowledge and kindness. Her online community has been a saving grace for me and a place I feel safe to explore alternative spiritual practices and meet others who are doing the same. She is a gem.

    Thank you for everything!


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