Dream Interpretation (emailed)

*Emailed Dream Interpretation: One dream can have many different symbols that add to the overall message of the dream. This will include an email with the basic dream symbols for one dream and an interpretation.


Oracle Card Reading (emailed)

This includes a card pull from a mix oracle decks intuitively picked based on your question. This card pull can be for a specific question or general reading. *In the notes section please leave your question or if there is no preference. The reading will be sent to the email provided 🙂


Holistic Tarot Reading (emailed)

This includes a tarot reading emailed to you with your questions or general reading. Please leave your question in the notes section. *If NO question is listed the reading will be done for anything the cards want to show you.


Mini Astrology Reading (emailed video)

This reading includes an analysis of your moon, sun and rising signs sent in a video to your email. Please add your exact birth time, date and location when booking 🙂


Natal Chart Reading (emailed video)

This includes a natal chart session where I will go over everything in your birth chart as well as how the planets are influencing different areas of your life and more. Please provide an exact birth time, birth date and location. A video will be emailed to the email provided at checkout.


1 thought on “Services”

  1. I was having a recurring dream that would leave me feeling anxious. It was very vivid and real to life. Meli helped me interpret the meaning behind it. It was an emotional, yet beautiful experience. She is kind and compassionate and empathetic! Since my session with her, I was able to consciously do some work to address the root cause. What’s more, the dream stopped. I haven’t had the recurring dream since! Thank you Meli!


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