Courses & Downloads

Dream Journal & Workbook {Download}

Immediate download of a dream journal and workbook with activities from my Dream Healing course. Includes: *Mini dream guide with the most common dream symbols and their meanings *Dream tools to enhance dream work *Dream Journal entries *Dreamwork checklist *Journaling prompts and exercises *Tips for a more restful environment and more


How to Plot your Natal Chart

This quick overview will show you how to plot your natal chart and compare it to the current planets. Includes a brief summary on what each house or field of life area represents and mainly focused on finding the current Mercury retrograde in your chart so you can see where it is affecting you each time Mercury goes retrograde. *This workshop is included in The Dreaming Yogi Community:


Signs from the Universe Workshop

The Universe us signs in different ways. In this workshop I cover some of the different ways the Universe may speak to us plus some tips on how to ask/receive signs. *This workshop is included in The Dreaming Yogi Community:


Yoga Mind 30 day Program

You will receive an email daily for 30 days with prompts on Yoga philosophy and journaling prompts that can be added to your daily practice. This focuses on the yoga mind ending with one short practice at the end. *This workshop is included in The Dreaming Yogi Community:


Crystal Healing 101

Workshop covering all you need to know to get started with being your own crystal healer. *This workshop is included in The Dreaming Yogi Community subscription site:


Dreamcatcher D.I.Y & Dream Class

Includes: *1.5 hour class replay *Dream guide & workbook download *covered how to make a deamcatcher *Dreamcatcher legends *Dreamwork history *Dream recall techniques *Dream Symbols discussed *Tips /Tools for sleeping better *Preparing for dreamwork and more *This is video is included in the Dream Healing Membership along with the rest of the course and monthly calls:


Dream Healing Crash Course

This is the crash course to my Dream Healing course so you can get a taste of the practices we cover in the Dream Healing membership. In this course we also work through the chakras and learn how imbalances can show up in our dreams plus dreamwork activities and more. *Includes Dream Journal /Workbook. Lessons covered: • Setting Intentions With Your Dreams • Dream Recall Techniques • Prioritizing Sleep • Creating Your Dream Space • Your Dream Altar • Prophetic Dreams • Intuitive Dream Symbols • Emotions & Dreams • Recurring Dreams & Forgiveness • Astral Travel & OBEs • Dream Sounds • Oracle & Tarot Cards For Dream Work • Dream Symbols • Dream Messages Through Numbers **When you place your order you will get a "shipping" email with the link and password to the crash course. **


“Drift to Dreamland”- A course to help you sleep

This course will walk you through different holistic modalities to help you reduce stress and have a restful night's sleep. Each module will cover a different modality with practices such as mudra meditation, bedtime yoga, tools to use, rituals and more. This course is included in my Dream Healing Membership. For more details or to enroll and save some money:


Dream Healing Course

In the course you will: *Train your mind to remember your dreams *Find root cause of emotional triggers and know how to solve them *Find what your dreams mean to you *Regain better sleep quality and more!! This course is self-paced. *Click link for more information on this course: **Membership program now available for this course at a fraction of the price, enroll in the membership and SAVE! ->


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