Catalog of Online Courses & Programs

Newest program!! Dream Healing Membership for accessible education at a small monthly fee. Click on each banner to find out more.

This membership breaks down my full Dream Healing Course and will include additional courses first offered to members.  Also includes workbook, Q/A sessions, New or Full moon ceremonies monthly, group dream interpretations and more all for only $32.99 a month.


basics-dreamwork (1)
Crash course version of my full Dream Healing course for those who want to try out some of the activities before enrolling in the full course or membership. $55 one time fee self pace course.



Full Dream Healing Course covering how to sleep better, dream recall activities, dream interepretation and more.  $297 one time fee, self paced course.


Want to learn more about how to use oils safely along with crystals, tarot and dreamwork? My doterra tribe with tuition free holistic education.
yoga download
The Online Yoga Teacher Training program that started it all for me!!