The Science of Life

Spring is right around the corner! Can you feel the shift in seasons?? This month’s theme is all about Ayurveda which is known as the science of life.  In Ayurveda we look at the balance between our body, mind and environment (including seasons).  There are 3 doshas (body types) that are associated with the seasons and elements.  Not only do we look at the seasons around us but also our internal seasons which will be highlighted in this meditation.

There are many quizzes you can look up to see which dosha is more dominiant in you (I will be talking more about this in my Dream Healing FB group) but here is a quick summary:

Vata – associated with fall through early winder and is known as the wind dosha.

Kapha – associated with late winter through early spring and is known as the earth dosha.

Pitta – associated with late spring til the end of summer and is known as the fire dosha.

Mudras are also a great way to help you balance any element that may be running wild in your body such as too much wind (vata imbalance) making you feel spacey and ungrounded.  If you are interested in learning how mudras work and the elements associated with each one I created this free mini course series for you.

In this months meditation we will explore our own internal seasons and see where exactly we are so we can work on balancing it out. Enjoy!!

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