✨Now introducing  group dream interpretation sessions✨


  • Access to ONE ✨Dream Mystics Circle where your dream questions will be answered
  • Learn one new dream activity 
  • 48 hour replay available
  • Option to submit dream anonymously


  • Dream Mystics Circle: Monthly virtual gatherings implementing a new dream healing activity and guiding you towards interpreting any pressing dreams you’re having.
  • 🖥️Monthly Soul Guided Workshops: These workshops range in topics from crystal healing, tarot reading, essential oil exploration, dream work and interpretation, astrology analysis and more
  • 📖Holistic Workbooks: Workbooks based on the topic of the month that you can print out and build your personal holistic toolkit.
  • 🌚Mystic Gatherings. This is where we can all see each other, discuss the topic of the month and work with the new moon energy.
  • 🔮Intuitive Divination readings: Every week a group reading from either tarot/ oracle or other divination tool to guide your week with prompts that can be used for journaling.
  • 📿Mindful Meditations: One new meditation each week to encourage you to take time for yourself so that you can reduce the mind chatter.
  • 🕉️ 30 day yoga mind program so that you can use yoga philosophy to reduce stress and change negative thought patterns with short 5-10 minute practices
  • 🌙 Vault of dream videos so you can start communicating with your unconscious mind and ways to use dreams for self awareness
  • 💧 Magic of Oils Library with benefits and uses for each essential oil to help you choose the oil for your specific needs
  • 🧘🏽 Mind & Body Reset with growing resources of stress reducing techniques so that you can come back to your body during heightened states of emotion and distress
  • 💎 Vibrational Crystal Gallery to help you identify your crystals and what to use them for
  • and much more all while connecting with likeminded people from around the world in our own app. 
  • Cancel anytime