Dream Healing Course

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Course description: In this course we will cover how to get a good nights rest, remember your dreams, interpret dream symbols and what to do with the messages we receive each night in a process I call dream healing. Your subconscious is trying to give you a message… are you willing to listen?

In the course you will:

*Train your mind to remember your dreams

*Find root cause of emotional triggers and know how to solve them

*Find what your dreams mean to you

*Regain better sleep quality  and more!!

Module 1:

Dream Chamber: Readjusting your sleep routine

Module 2:

Dream Recall: Strengthening your dream memory

Module 3:

Dream Work History: How it all started…

Module 4:

Dream Types and tools to bring them forward

Module 5:

Dream symbols and their meanings

Module 6:

Dream Interpretation… becoming your own best dream guide

Module 7:

Dream Healing… what to do with the messages received

*This course is included in the Dream Healing Membership along with access to my upcoming courses.



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Looking forward to diving into the world of dreams with you!!