doTERRA Wellness Support


Our doTERRA group is more than just oils!! We educate on different holistic modalities and share how to pair these oils for not only physical health but also emotional management and dreamwork! When you order a kit from me you get more than just the product, you get support and guidance along your wellness journey! Scroll down to see how this specific community of holistic doTERRA members have made a difference in peoples lives.


To sign up:

  1. Sign up as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Account under Melissa De Los Santos, ID number: 3620732
  2. Select your kit and fill out your information! (See “Enrollment Options” and Promos below to maximize your enrollment gifts!)
  3. Email me at with any questions or to let me know you enrolled!

Enrollment Options: 

*Sign up with the Healthy Start Kit (or order of equal value) and get a bonus welcome gift from me!

  • Healthy Start includes 5ml of top 10 oils (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Oregano, Frankincense, Deep Blue®, doTERRA Breathe®, doTERRA On Guard®) Plus new Brevi Stone Diffuser
  • Healthy Habits includes products recommended for daily use in order to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Healthy Home includes products to replace toxic chemicals in your home for cleanings, personal hygiene and more
  • More kits to choose from these are just some of the most popular ones.  For a custom kit or free wellness consultation email

Benefits of joining this doTERRA team:

  • Private team community for additional education
  • Resources for starting a sacred business (for those who choose to take it)
  • A free doTERRA retail website
  • 25% off essential oils and doTERRA products with your own account.
  • My ongoing support as your mentor

***Joining does NOT require anyone to work the doTERRA business or sell products. It will get you a 25% off discount for any of the products that you order through your doTERRA account and you get a free doTERRA Website if you wish to make some extra money. Once again, this is completely up to you!

If you have any questions on enrollment or essential oils send me an email at or follow my IG stories for updates on promos each month!

Testimonials from members of the Dreaming Blossoms Doterra Team, Melissa De Los Santos

“Since joining up with Meli I have learned so much and felt so much love and support from her and the other members. I was cautious about joining due to my experiences in the past with pushy groups that are just wanting to make a buck. I was thrilled to discover that she is nothing like any of those groups. I feel confident in voicing any questions or concerns and always get a response with a smile and never any judgement. I have been able to grow so much as a person. I am proud to be a part of her group and to call Meli my friend and mentor. ” ~Natasha Smith


“Dreaming blossoms and Meli De Los Santos, where do I begin? Meli makes learning about anything super fun and she knows her stuff! From essential oils to dreams and crystals, Meli is your go to girl! I have learned so much about doTerra from Meli. Not only about all the different ways in which these amazing oils can be used to soothe your ails but how to make your doTerra business thrive! Meli is a constant source of information and support. She is kind, understanding and she offers daily shares, such as oils of the day, what crystals pair great with them to help enhance healing or to bring about sweet dreams for a good night’s rest. If you are interested in learning more about oils, dreams, crystals, chakras or how to grow your oil based business,connect with Meli! You’ll soon realize that you made the best choice!” ~Lori Vietoris


“I’ve been with Blossoms United now for about 4 months and all I can say is it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. The oils are the best I’ve ever worked with and the classes have been invaluable. I have worked with crystals for awhile, but taking the Crystal Healing course really brought it all together. I’ve been able to help people in ways I wasn’t before and that makes me feel good and empowered. Having the information that you need to be successful really helps you feel like an authority in what you are doing instead of just saying what a company has told you to. The in-depth education is key and why I am so very glad I found my way into this team.” ~Heather Ryan


“Thank you so much Meli for introducing me to Blossoms United. At first I joined to be able to purchase quality oils at wholesale pricing and I was interested in the courses. I have completed the Holistic Tarot Certification and am working on the Crystal Healing Certification. I am actively giving Tarot readings and the impact of the messages on my clients blows me away. I am in awe of the gift bestowed on me through this group. In addition, I am now growing my Doterra business and have 4 people on my team. Thank you Meli for the awesome support and guidance you provide along with the room to let me grow! Love being part of your Doterra Team in Blossoms United!” ~Margareta Thorsen