School of Dreams – Welcome

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What’s Included in the Dream Healing Membership:

  • First access to all my courses at a small monthly fee
  • Course content comes with Videos, PDFs & workbooks
  • Access to the private Dream Room located in  The Dreaming Yogi Community (which has it’s own set of workshops)
  • Group dream interpretations and monthly group calls.
  • A safe space outside of Facebook to continue to grow with like minded people
  • Tea leaf reading exercises to help you tune in to your subconscious
  • Additional support, Q/A’s and member interactions in The Dreaming Yogi Community Dream Room.
  • Current courses included: Drift to Dreamland, Dream Healing Course (more coming soon)

What’s Included in The Dreaming Yogi Community:

  • Weekly Card pulls
  • Monthly groups calls or Virtual Moon Ceremonies
  • Meditations
  • Workshops on different holistic topics
  • Book Shelf section
  • Discounts on products and services
  • Periodic challenges with prizes to keep you motivated
  • Optional app to access content and community with ease
  • Optional book club and spiritual biz support.
  • Monthly Reiki offered by 2 of our community members



“This group is definitely the best spot I have found for any sort of dream interpretation/answers! The videos you have here are by far the most informative and easy to find on your app! I absolutely love that each topic is broke down into individual videos so I’m not stuck searching thru a hour long video just to find a quote or tip you gave! I love the conversations we have as a group and the topics that bring us together! I’m very grateful to be a part of this group that you have put together Meli! Thank you Thank you Thank you ” ~Melissa

“Your knowledge on dreams, crystals, oils…there’s a lot I know I can learn from you that would benefit me and those around me. I absolutely love the content available! It goes at a good pace and I love that PDFs are available for some of the videos (although I end up taking notes anyway). My favorite section so far is for dream recall and dream history. Excited for the next modules and am hoping that the techniques and tools can help me get a goodnight sleep and assist in recalling my dreams. ” ~Daniela

Why members are joining & staying!!

“Meli your energy & generosity you have a very kind soul I have been unable to remember my dreams also I am a broken sleeper. I suffered from insomnia for years. Thank you  for having me here. ” ~Maria

“I want to learn how to understand my dreams.” ~Rachel

“Every time I lose focus, Meli happens to show up to just rail me back in. I love her and love that I have the opportunity to repay her support through this app. ” ~Darlene

“To find like minded individuals who understand the spirit realm and to have it with people outside of who I already know locally. ” ~Samidha

“Loved the reading I have had with mel and looking for more guidance ” ~Jena

“I am currently studying to be a yoga teacher and along with that I am on a spiritual journey. I want to expand my knowledge and Meli covers all of the topics that interest me so much…I am also always looking to surround myself with like minded people and this is one of the best places to do it! So happy to be here!” ~Kayla

“I’m very excited to be a part of this community. I joined because recently I’ve been interested in learning more about healing store & dream meanings. I find it fascinating there’s so many ways of deep healing using natural things of the world.” ~Maria A.

Come join this growing community of like minded people and see for yourself!!