The Chakras of your Business


Navigate the energy centers of your business as we go through all 7 chakras and how they correspond to an aligned business.

** This workshop is included inside the full program “Create your aligned business using the chakras

Does this sound like you?

🖤You dream of having your own business or growing your existing one


🖤Feel like your sharing a lot of value but no one is listening


🖤Afraid to sound too “salesy” so you just don’t make an offer


🖤Or all these thoughts run through your mind blocking you from even starting your business idea

Imagine feeling so connected to your mission...

🖤that you wake up every day inspired to show up knowing the right people will be drawn to your work


🖤feel replenished energetically while you make huge strides DAILY on your life purpose


🖤Doing more of what you love in your business from a place of inspiration and creativity!


🖤Knowing you and your work are making a difference while keeping your sanity

All of that is possible and more when you use the chakras to create an aligned business plan which is what I will show you the basics of in this workshop!

I’ve had these same business struggles before.

I used to work as an engineer before starting my business as a dream interpreter. The funny thing is that even though I enjoyed it (and the paycheck) it didn’t feel like my true calling.

Learning about the chakra system helped me tune into what felt right to me and my new career change.

Applying this same chakra system to my business has helped it grow authentically while reducing burn out knowing I’m working in alignment with my dharma, my life purpose!

This allowed me to move forward and not look back which is what I will be guiding you through as we navigate the chakras of your business!




🎥Recording going over the 7 chakras and how they can help create an aligned business plan.


📖Follow along the class and fill out for your own unique business.



🧘🏻Meditation to balance all chakras.

** This workshop is included inside the full program “Create your aligned business using the chakras

Let’s explore the chakras of your business!?