Officially a Yoga Instructor!!

Earlier this month I completed The Kaivalya Yoga Method 200 hour  Teacher Training with YogaDownload!!  This program was the first step into my holistic journey and am filled with gratitude for the opportunity of taking this training at my own pace and through my own healing.

I started noticing the healing effects of yoga when I was going through the hardest time of my life.  Anxiety had reached it’s peak rapidly and the daily panic attacks I was enduring prevented me from leaving my apartment to take yoga classes.  That’s when I found YogaDownload and was able to set up my own personal space to continue my yoga practice.  I had become full blown agoraphobic and was using yoga, holistic tools and professional help to pull myself out of that mindset so when I received the first email about taking an online yoga training I brushed it off thinking I wouldn’t be capable of teaching anyone yoga when I was barely starting to wean off my anxiety medication and step out of my shell.  It did spark my interest though as I wanted to learn more about the origins of yoga, the philosophy and deepen my own practice but once again self-doubt had me close to missing out on a huge opportunity.

A few months later I looked into it again and decided to go for it.  It had been in the back of my mind ever since that first email and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try with the sole purpose to just deepen my own practice and never teach.  That thought changed immediately once I started the training and got to virtually interact with all the students from across the world, mentors and amazing instructor Alanna Kaivalya!  I realized that if my story of overcoming agoraphobia, combined with all the tools I’ve acquired in my journey, could help someone who is going through the same then I needed to shift my mindset to actually teach one day!  This program sparked my interest for higher spiritual learning and I continued my spiritual journey alongside this program and created The Dreaming Yogi!

This program allowed me to fully retain and process all the information by having access to the videos and documents forever!  We are tested very thoroughly through videos and skype feedback to make sure amazing qualified teachers come out of this program. I cannot say enough great things about this program, you’d have to see for yourself!!

You can check out the classes in YogaDownload and check out The Kaivalya Yoga Method Teacher Training.