Yoga & Meditation

This section covers the different areas of a yoga and meditation practice.




Officially a Yoga Instructor!!

Earlier this month I completed The Kaivalya Yoga Method 200 hour  Teacher Training with YogaDownload!!  This program was the first step into my holistic journey and am filled with gratitude for the opportunity of taking this training at my own pace and through my own healing. I started noticing the healing effects of yoga when… Continue reading Officially a Yoga Instructor!!

The Power of Mantras

This past Sunday I went to an amazing yoga/meditation class. Release & Renew into Gong Meditation at Onawa.  It was amazing but not only because of the usual benefits of yoga and sound tools but because of the message I got within this practice.  If you’ve read my journey post you know a little about… Continue reading The Power of Mantras

5 Breathing Exercises for Stress

Stress seems to be the norm in our society, unfortunately, and just like any other suppressed emotion stress can cause physical manifestations when not dealt with ahead of time.  Pranayama is the sanskrit word for breathwork (Prana = lifeforce/breath & ayama = restrain or control).  If we practice controlling the breath, especially when stressed, our… Continue reading 5 Breathing Exercises for Stress