Keeping a Nightly Routine

How many of you struggle getting a good nights rest each night?  I certainly have struggled with a lot of sleep issues in the past due to severe anxieties and panic attacks.  I used to be an insomniac, suffered from sleep deprivation and roamed around all day on auto-pilot feeling like a zombie.  I would constantly struggle to keep my eyes open and impatiently wait until I could finally  go home to sleep.   Night time would roll around and my mind would think it was the best time to finally focus and be wide awake.  ” Let’s think of all our problems ever between 2 – 5 am”  Does this sound familiar?

One of the main problems with sleep issues is not having a clear boundary between our day and nights.  Most of the time we expect to be able to finish all our tasks and chores, throw ourselves in bed and turn the “switch off” of our minds just like we do the light switch.  If this works for you then that is great!  In other cases, most from what I’ve heard,  our thoughts have a mind of their own and can’t just be shut off.  This is why having a nightly routine that you stick too (even on weekends) can improve your quality and quantity of sleep.  Having a nightly routine does the following:

  • Helps brain distinguish difference between day time tasks (being on the go with) with time to rest and recharge (prepping the mind for bedtime)
  • Allows you to unwind and relax your mind
  • Is a form of self care, we all need to sleep to refuel for the next day
  • Helps you keep consistent sleep schedule
  • Helps you wake up feeling for refreshed, you’ll actually give your mind a rest.

This will also relax your mind from the stresses of the day which will result in more pleasant dreams as opposed to stress induced nightmares.

Your nightly routine doesn’t have to look like mine and it doesn’t have to be too long either.  At least 30 minutes would be ideal but you can start off with as long as you want as long as there is a transition between daily tasks and when you want to go to sleep.

My nightly routine looks something like this (on most nights):

  • Get myself physically ready for bed
    • Remove makeup, put on pjs, brush teeth etc.
  • Brew some of my favorite bed time tea while I read a book which is my favorite way to relax.
  • Do some Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) or guided meditations 
  • Journal what I am grateful for about that specific day.  (Helps me focus on the positive in the day)
  • Do some dreamwork by either meditating with my dream guide or with my dream grid to pick the dream I want to have (yes that is a thing and it works! )
  • After all that I usually do a little prayer and turn off the lights.
  • This is usually my dogs cue to jump on the bed and then we drift off.

I wish all nights looked like this but honestly it doesn’t. I at least make it a point to do one or two of these practices if for some reason my night starts a little later that expected.  Things happen and we don’t gain anything in being hard on ourselves.  I like to start 2 hours prior to the time I want to sleep because I do notice a huge difference when I can have the routine that really serves me, my health and the dreamwork I do each night.

If you’re interested in learning more about dream work and how to interpret your own dreams check out my Online Courses!

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What does your nightly routine look like?


One of the main problems with sleep issues is not having a clear boundary between our day and nights.  Having a nightly routine does the following:

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