Dream Symbol: DragonFly

A few days ago I had a dream that really stood out to me (well they all stand out) but this one was so spot on that I wanted to share some of the many things I learned from it.

In my dream I was laying on the earth while on vacation and saw a lot of dragonflies around me.  Laying on the earth meant I needed to ground myself (pretty literal), work on my root chakra and spend some time outdoors.

The dragonflies, though, added so much different layers to the dream with what could seem like just a random symbol.  Nothing is random in our dreams! Every symbol holds meaning!!

Dragonflies are a symbol of change and light. They grow in water and then fly in the air encouraging us to dive deeper into our true emotions, feelings and unconscious side while exploring all this in a light manner. They also represent transformation and evolving, inviting you to bring some change in your life so that you can reach your full potential. Perhaps you’re feeling a bit stuck right now or like your energy is tapped out and a change to ignite that passion in you again needs to be made.  At least that’s how it resonated with me.

Dreaming of dragonflies can also suggest to bring more joy into your life and open up to all the beautiful healing powers of nature and elements since these insects have a fairy like vibe to them.  Dragonflies are very determined and push forward no matter who or what is trying to stop them. As a result they have a hard time relaxing and can seem confident when in reality they may be doubting themselves.  They always need to be moving in any direction even if they don’t know where exactly they are going.  They require time interacting with others outside of their work space which is how they find balance.  They have a hard time working for others as they require flexibility to follow their own intuition, independence and passion.

This symbol, like many others, can represent a part of you as well as a quality you should embody more of.  So seeing the characteristics of the dragonfly that I resonate with and becoming aware of the other qualities I need to add more to my life are a great example of dream healing. I woke up knowing I need to recenter myself, take a break to hang out with my friends, journal on what I am really feeling right now in terms of my goals and create a plan of action instead of just moving in any and all directions.

What do you think? Have you had any dragonfly or other insect dreams?

If you’re interested in more dream symbols check out my free Dream Guide!! I added some of the most common dreams and their meanings along with tools to use to help you sleep better and start doing some fun dream work!


Dreaming of dragonflies can also suggest to bring more joy into your life and open up to all the beautiful healing powers of nature and elements since these insects have a fairy like vibe to them. Dragonflies are very determined and ...

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