Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal is the very first step into dreamwork and even dream recall.

I’ve been going back to the basics in my dreamwork and really expanding on my journaling. I keep a small notebook next to my nightstand where I scribble first thing in the morning whatever I remember from my dreams.

Then I have another notebook where I:
1. rewrite my dream
2. give it a title (as if it were a story)
3. interpret it
4. journal any insights / ideas that come from it.
5. I also make note of what zodiac sign and house the moon was in that night.
I do this part at night as part of my bedtime routine.

If you don’t remember your dreams you can write how you felt when you woke up, any colors, sensations or anything you do recall.

If you’re still drawing a blank then write “No dream to record” and keep this consistent. This is a way to send a signal to your brain that it’s important to remember your dreams. Do this right before you get out of bed or any insights may quickly escape you. Throughout the day some things may trigger your memory about a dream so just quickly write it down and add it to your dream journal.

If you simply don’t have time to write even keywords out then share with your family over breakfast or on your commute. I find it’s a beautiful way to open up communication to what may be on their minds. Sharing will also make it easier to retain the dream instead of just hoping you’ll remember when you have time in the afternoon to write it down.

Give this a try for at least two weeks and let me know how it worked out!

📖 Do you keep a dream journal??


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Keeping a journal is the first step to dreamwork and can even help you remember your dreams if you are consistent. Check out my blog for more tips on dream recall!

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