Dream Interpretation

Many times when we feel overwhelmed with a constant issue we may experience reoccurring dreams that will linger until we understand what the real problem is. My reoccurring dream was moving into a new house but feeling overwhelmed at the previous owner’s belongings that were still in my new house. I was frightened at what I might find within all the clutter, not knowing where to start and feeling out of control in what should be my new space. When I started studying about dream interpretation I found that the house was a symbolism of my own life and the clutter was all the negative baggage I was allowing others to pile on me. This made so much sense to me that I started reading a book on boundaries and how to set them as well as simply becoming aware that I wasn’t setting any boundaries with anyone. Almost immediately my dreams started shifting gradually where instead of feeling overwhelmed I would find solutions in my dreams such as calling maintenance or a good friend to help me get rid of the clutter. After that my final dream was being peaceful inside my dream house which was empty, I was excited about buying it and noticed a narrow door which meant I was going to be more selective in who I let in my life.

Dreams tend to have a problem-solving purpose for issues we cannot solve when we are awake. A lot of times we can go through emotional situations or just try to lie to ourselves about how something or someone is affecting us. When we sleep our subconscious is still awake and uses symbolism to show us what has been on our minds. Once we learn how to decipher the message we can pick the best tool to heal.

Having a better communication with our subconscious will make it easier to listen to what it has to say. For example: if your best friend is venting with you about his or her problems while you are watching your favorite show in the background, you are only going to get a fraction of the story.  The TV would be an additional distraction so in order to fully understand yourself thru your dreams you have to give them your undivided attention.

To accomplish this you need to create a peaceful sleep routine, with no distractions, an hour (preferably two) prior to your bedtime. Some tips that can help create a soothing restful environment are the following: warm bath, lavender or chamomile tea, lavender essential oil (you can just smell it from the bottle while taking deep breaths or add a few drops to a diffuser), eye pillow some contain chamomile beads, warm neck pillow to relax your muscles and making sure you do not perform any high energy activity such as working out or mental tasks that wind your mind up.

Once you create this relaxing routine keep a notepad and pen next to your bed and write down any dreams or keywords you remember as soon as you wake up.  By maintaining this dream journal, you can pick up patterns and messages that you were not even aware of before. Give it a try and I hope you all have insightful dreams tonight!

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When we sleep our subconscious is still awake and uses symbolism to show us what has been on our minds. Once we learn how to decipher the message we can pick the best tool to heal.

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