Dream Crystals

Did you know you can use crystals to enhance your dreams, help you remember them and even promote more calming and soothing dreams. There are so many crystals out there that can help promote more restful sleep. Here are the ones that I personally own and use regularly:

  • Red & yellow Jasper, green jade, and prehnite promote dreams and dream recall.
  • Bloodstone stimulates dreams.
  • Lepidolite promotes peaceful sleep and is one of my favorite crystals for dream recall. Meditate with it right before bed with the affirmation that you will remember your dreams when you wake up, then place it under your pillow. The next morning place the lepidolite on your third eye for a few minutes. Everytime I do this at least 4 dreams come back to memory!
  • Sodalite and Hematite are said to help with insomnia and mental restlessness.
  • Lithium quartz is known for helping understand dreams.
  • Amethyst is good for calming your thoughts, nerves and great for meditation making it a great tool to unwind before bed.  It protects against nightmares and promotes sweet dreams .
  • Malachite helps with insomnia. Hold Malachite one hour before you want to go to sleep and keep it with you when you go to bed. Do this for two weeks although you should notice a difference sooner!
  • Clear quartz helps make dreams more vivid! It is also known as the master healer stone since it amplifies any intention, energy and the properties of other stones making it perfect to combine with other crystals!

These stones can be placed under your pillow, next to your nightstand or anywhere that is close to you and your bed. If placing it under your pillow, make sure you are comfortable and it’s a smooth tumbled stone.

If you are interested in learning more about different dream work tools and techniques check out my Dream Healing courses!


Which one of these crystals do you want to add to your dreamwork?

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Crystals can be used to enhance your dreams, help you remember them and even promote more calming and soothing dreams. Here is a list of crystals I use regularly for dreamwork…

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