Sleep & Dreams

This section covers tips for a healthy sleep schedule and connecting to dream symbolism.

Sleep Deprivation and Health Issues

How many of you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Not to mention how challenging it makes the rest of your day when you haven’t had the rest your body needs! Sleep deprivation can cause a number of health issues if it goes on for too long. Some of the health issues include:

Keeping a Nightly Routine

How many of you struggle getting a good nights rest each night?  I certainly have struggled with a lot of sleep issues in the past due to severe anxieties and panic attacks.  I used to be an insomniac, suffered from sleep deprivation and roamed around all day on auto-pilot feeling like a zombie.  I would… Continue reading Keeping a Nightly Routine

Ideal Sleep Environment

A lot of our dream issues such as restlessness and nightmares can be simple to fix with a few adjustments to your sleep environment.  I’m going to share with you some tips to explore that will promote a more restful night’s sleep 🙂 Starting with the most important! Your room (or dream chamber, it sounds fancier… Continue reading Ideal Sleep Environment

How Stress Affects Dreams

How many of you are dealing with stress right now? Has this impacted the quality of sleep you get each night? Stress can cause a number of side effects both physically and mentally.  Stress affects your sleep, impacting the quality and quantity of rest each night. When stressed your mind gets sudden sparks of mental… Continue reading How Stress Affects Dreams

Dream Crystals

Did you know you can use crystals to enhance your dreams, help you remember them and even promote more calming and soothing dreams. There are so many crystals out there that can help promote more restful sleep. Here are the ones that

Dream Interpretation

Many times when we feel overwhelmed with a constant issue we may experience reoccurring dreams that will linger until we understand what the real problem is. My reoccurring dream was moving into a new house but feeling overwhelmed at the previous owner’s belongings that were still in my new house. I was frightened at what… Continue reading Dream Interpretation

Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal is the very first step into dreamwork and even dream recall. I’ve been going back to the basics in my dreamwork and really expanding on my journaling. I keep a small notebook next to my nightstand where I scribble first thing in the morning whatever I remember from my dreams. Then… Continue reading Dream Journal