Healing with the Elements

Happy March everyone!! Spring is just around the corner, have you noticed the shifts in nature yet?? I’ve been connecting a lot more with the elements within my own personal healing.  I mainly read early in the morning out in my patio and practice mindful meditation as I walk my little dog, Benji.  There is so much healing that can be done with the elements; earth, wind, fire and water.  Here are some of the different methods I have been using!

Healing with Earth: You can ground yourself just by being in nature but have you tried putting your bare feet on the earth?  This is called Earthing and it’s an amazing process that allows us to absorb the Earth’s free energy. What this does is:⠀
🌍it brings us to the present moment⠀
🌍reduces negative emotions and anxieties⠀
🌍helps us detoxify from all the electronics we are surrounded by daily⠀
🌍it also connects us to nature and that on is own has enormous benefits. 

Healing with Wind: I’ve been on an ayurvedic learning kick lately and found that my dosha, or mind/body type is mainly Vata (and I am quite imbalanced in that area).  The wind-like features in Vata’s represent movement so if you are always feeling like you’re on the go and find yourself spacing out or overthinking things then you may be a vata too. To balance this and reduce the wind element in your body you can practice mudra meditation. Each finger represents an element and certain gestures can reduce or increase elements in your body depending on the desired outcome.  I created a free course on Mudras. I cover what mudras are, how they work and shared some mudras to help you sleep and reduce those spacey thoughts that might be keeping you up at night.  Click here for access to the course.

Healing with Fire:  The practice of candle gazing is known as Trakata and one of my favorite ways to meditate especially when I’m having a hard time clearing my mind. By softening your eyes and gently turning your focus on the flame, it’s movement will create a sense of tranquility. This practice is a great for stress management and also helps with disturbed sleep! You can use your favorite scented candle to add to your practice.
To do this simply:⠀
🔥set your space and meditative seat (you want to be comfortable),⠀
🔥have your lighted candle eye level⠀
🔥focus on the flame without blinking as long as comfortably possible⠀
🔥then close your eyes and see the flame in your minds eye or third eye chakra⠀
🔥when the image in your mind goes away start deepening your breath.⠀
🔥This is a very cleansing, transmuting and calming practice. Fire is used in Full moon ceremonies to burn what we want to release. I like to think of that while doing my practice. Letting go of the old to bring in the new!

Healing with Water: And last but not least we have water! One of the quickest ways for me to relax and get centered is to be around water. You can relax in a nice warm bath/shower or Jacuzzi and visualize the water washing away any negativity from your day. There’s something about the way water flows that can be very soothing.  You can place small fountains in your house or patio and use that as a focal point while meditating.
What’s your favorite element? Leave a comment below and let me know how you heal with the elements?? 

Learn what mudras are, how they work and which ones will help you sleep better at night!












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