Holistic Tools

This section covers holistic tools and techniques that can be used for personal growth and emotional management.


Healing with the Elements

Happy March everyone!! Spring is just around the corner, have you noticed the shifts in nature yet?? I’ve been connecting a lot more with the elements within my own personal healing.  I mainly read early in the morning out in my patio and practice mindful meditation as I walk my little dog, Benji.  There is… Continue reading Healing with the Elements

Anti-Stress Crystals

Crystals are an amazing tool for calming nerves, stress and worries. 😨 Everything has vibrations and with the crystals own natural frequencies, working with them can help with a variety of emotional and even physical issues. I have many books on different types of crystals and their properties so if there’s one that I haven’t mentioned… Continue reading Anti-Stress Crystals

Importance of a Daily Practice

What does having a daily practice mean to you?  Having a daily practice means so many different things to different people.  My practice doesn’t have to  look like yours.  It’s a time that you dedicate to yourself for your physical and/or mental well-being.  We live in a society now that is always on the go. … Continue reading Importance of a Daily Practice

Mala Beads

Check out this beautiful moonstone mala bead from my good friend @moos_malas!! I’ve been meditating with it every night and has helped me fall asleep faster! The way a mala works is you repeat a mantra as you touch every bead and repeat this for 40 days. The necklace has 108 beads plus the guru… Continue reading Mala Beads

Grounding through the Holidays

The holiday’s should be a joyous time with family and friends gathered around the dinning table or reunions where we can reconnect with our loved ones.  It usually is for some but with all great events comes planning and can get us overwhelmed.  Since I’ve been doing more personal work on myself I have been… Continue reading Grounding through the Holidays