Intro to Essential Oils

Essential Oils are part of my daily routine and each contain a variety of health benefits from physical to emotional and even spiritual! Essential oils are the natural essence of a plant.  Nature works in such a wonderful way that these plants create an essence to heal and protect themselves making their own plant medicine which we can benefit from!! This essence is extracted from the plant and offers an amazing range of therapeutic benefits (as long as we use them safely)! One of the main things to keep in mind when purchasing oils is that cheaper is NOT always better! In fact the reason why you may find oils such as Frankincense for a few bucks at a department store is because they are not 100% pure oil but all that is needed is one drop of pure oil so that the label can “claim” it’s 100% pure while the rest is mixed with synthetic fragrance for scent and cost reduction.  This is why it is very important to know where your oil comes from.  I use and share DoTERRA essential oils because they share where their oils are sourced from so you know exactly what you are getting and from wher. The real pure oil prices vary depending on how hard it is to get that oil, how rare and their location.

A couple of ways to use essential oils are:

Aromatically – this is the safest way and gives the same benefits as the other methods.  You can diffuse them or just smell them from the bottle.

Topically – whenever applying oils to your skin you should properly dilute it with a carrier oil so it’s not as concentrated and to prevent sensitivities to the skin.  Some oils should not be applied where there will be direct contact to the sun (oils that contain citrus)

Internally – not all oils are safe for ingestion and I personally don’t take them internally. You can get the same benefits with aromatic and topical use.

Some oil suggestions to get started with:

Lemon – to start your day with energy and motivation.  This oil (and other citrus oils) are very uplifting so if you’re feeling down grab a lemon and see how you feel after! You can also use this to clean your counters for a natural cleanser!

Peppermint – is great for an afternoon pick me up.  It’s calming but without making you feel drowsy.  It is a great anti-inflammatory, helps calm nerves and stomach or digestion issues.

Lavender – helps you unwind at the end of the day. Relaxing any tension built up into your muscles and quiets the mind for a restful nights sleep.  It’s also great for the skin when applying a drop to your nightly moisturizer.

This kit includes all 3 of these oils in 5ml bottles so you can try them out. You can also enroll as a wholesale customer to get 25% off this kit and get a mini aromatherapy course plus a supportive community of holistic educators helping you along the way! For more details on what’s included when you join click HERE.



What would you use your essential oils for?


The Dreaming Yogi Essential oil guide with d.i.y's

Click HERE to get my Essential Oil Guide which includes fun D.I.Y’s and other recipes you can make using essential oils.



Essential oils are the natural essence of a plant.  Nature works in such a wonderful way that these plants create an essence to heal and ...

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