Benefits of Peppermint

Essential oils are a must-have tool for my physical and emotional well-being.  I will start sharing an oil a week here along with their physical and emotional benefits.  First oil spotlight this week is Peppermint! Watch the video below where I talk all about this wonderful oil! If you haven’t already check out my intro to essential oils blog.

This is my go-to stress oil alleviating those nervous stomach knots.
Peppermint also:
• Helps alleviate upset stomach and healthy digestion
• Promotes healthy respiratory function if you have a stuffy nose or allergies
• Livens up the senses
• Promotes a feeling of energy
• Natural method to feel alert and focus when dosing off at work
• Helps lessen feelings of tension
• Can help with memory and mental performance
• It may reduce fevers

Tips for using:
You can rub a drop or 2 (diluted) on your fingertips and rub on your temples
•It is also a great natural bug and spider repellent – just place 1-3 drops on a cotton ball and place in the corners of wherever you think these bugs may be
•Peppermint is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
Some additional uses for digestion, gas, headaches, heartburn, indigestion, fatigue, inflammation and toothaches.

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The Physical and emotional benefits of Peppermint include...

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