Benefits of Lavender

Product spotlight of the week: Lavender!!

Watch the video below! If you haven’t already, check out my intro to essential oils blog.

Some benefits of Lavender:

•Soothes skin irritation and nourishes delicate skin and can be found in many D.I.Y skincare products
•Promotes deep relaxation and has many calming properties
•Helps soothe razor bumps and overexposure to the sun
•Not only used at night it can also provide emotional peace and make you feel at ease during the day. I use it when stress is pretty high.
•It can also remove unwanted environmental smells like a natural option to substitute febreeze or any other room sprays
•Lavender is also anti fungal, antihistamine, anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiseptic, regenerative and sedative
•This is universally known as an oil to balance the body. It helps stress and personally has helped my anxiety, helps relieve headaches, reduce high blood pressure, hives, insect bites, inflection, another insect repellent, rashes and other types of skin conditions.
•It promotes consciousness, peace and general sense of well being
•I’ve be using it for my anti-itch mosquito blend which includes peppermint, lavender, rosemary and melaleuca – You can order this custom blend or request a specific one from my shop at

Tips on how to use:

•You can apply some lavender to the soles of your feet before bed, diffuse it or add a few drops in a spray bottle and spray your room with it.

•You can add lavender to your bath after a long day or apply some to your temples and back of the neck to help ease tension

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Benefits of lavender include...

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