New Moon in Taurus – Slow & Steady

The New moon in Taurus is today, May 15, 2018 at around 7:48 a.m EST but you can still soak in these energies about 2 days after!  Taurus is a fixed earth sign that is ruled by the planet of love and abundance, Venus.  There is a lot of focus on relationships as well as stability and financial security.  This energy also asks that you revisit your value systems and the things you find pleasurable.  The Taurus bull is very grounded and makes sure it’s walking on steady grounds.  Some planets that are influencing this new moon is Mars which is the go-getter planet that can be a bit aggressive and bold on the low side. This asks that we take action and see things through all while having a clear head.  We may find ourselves more open and motivated to seek out new opportunities! The moon’s relationship to Pluto, the planet of death and elimination is asking us to check what isn’t fulling us or what is not working towards our financial stability or relationship and let that go.

This would be a good time to see what your current financial situation is and create a financial plan based on where you would want it to be.  It’s always a great time for self care but especially in the sign of Taurus! The bull can be very hard at work but also promotes slow and steady.  Get the work done then go treat yourself to a massage for example. Do things that nourish your body! There’s been a lot of intense energy lately since the last Full moon in Scorpio and now is a good time to slow things down while still sticking to your game plan. This is also a good opportunity to go back to any projects you have recently started and complete them, as long as they are still in alignment with your goals.

Some low side energies to look out for are stubbornness, greed, possessiveness and laziness.  If you feel you are expressing the low side of these energies grab one or more of my recommended tools below and use them for your new moon ceremony!

Crystal recommendations:

Rose Quartz – good for unconditional love, relationships and self love

Black Tourmaline – for grounding and slowing down

Green Calcite – for abundance and calms emotions

Oil recommendations:

Wintergreen – helps let go of the need to always be right, stubbornness, and being over-controlling

Sandalwood – helps release possessiveness and overthinking while helping connect to different types of spiritual practices like meditation or rituals

Peace Reassuring blend – helps you feel inner peace and calm. Oils included: Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Yland, Frankincense, Clary Sage and Marjoram

What are your new moon intentions today?


New Moon in Taurus. Time to get our finances and relationships in order. Check out what other energies are out today and recommendations to include in your new moon ceremonies.

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