Seek Adventure with Sagittarius Full Moon

Happy Full moon in Sagittarius!!

This mutable, fire sign is represented by the great archer or Centaur which is half man and half horse.  This symbolizes our wild animalistic side while still remaining grounded.  The bow represents setting your sights high, aiming and pursuing the idea.  This sign is also known as a free spirit or gypsy philosopher so you may find yourself wanting to seek out new adventures or travel during this full moon.  Ask yourself what kind of travel or adventure your mind, body and soul are craving? Is there anything you’ve been wanting to dive deeper into and explore? It doesn’t have to mean actual physical travel but perhaps there is something you want to learn more about as Sagittarius also loves learning and diving into self improvement!  Use this full moon energy to keep an open mind and heart and see what else is out there! Is there something you are passionate about that you haven’t had the time to study or explore more of? Find new experiences that fill you up and if you are feeling this energy right now but are feeling resistant then ask yourself what is holding you back?  What limiting thoughts need to be released in order to open yourself up to something new and exciting.  The energy right now may be very spontaneous and wanting more freedom in all aspects. Be careful of stagnate energy around you.  This is the time to break free from the usual routine and get your body moving in any way that feels good intuitively.

Since all signs have both high and low sides some low sides to look out for would be overextending yourself and bad judgement.  We may be seeking freedom right now but this doesn’t mean we should drop our responsibilities either.

Crystal recommendations:

  • Topaz – Helps strengthen beliefs and releases doubts.  It is a great tool to have when seeking new adventures and if you are feeling a bit close minded.
  • Turquoise – Supports clear communication with self and others.  Helps understand yourself better during your soul searching journey
  • Aquamarine – For physical travel this stone is great to carry with you especially if the trip involves water.  It may also help with sea sickness and pre-travel jitters.


Essential Oil recommendations:

  • Rosemary – Encourages exploring new experiences and adventures.  Helps expand the mind and dig deeper when asking soul searching questions.
  • Both Lavender and Chamomile are great for stress and releasing tension


What adventures are you off to?


This Sagittarius full moon sparks our fiery, adventure seeking side. It encourages us to travel and expand our minds. Click article to find out more.

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