New Moon in Leo – Shine your Light

The new moon in Leo on August 11, 2018 is happening at approximately 3:58 am MST and is also a Solar Eclipse which enhances this New Moon energy bringing things to light that have been hidden in the shadows of our mind.  This is the last eclipse for the year and it is a powerful one because the intentions we set out now will show a great outcome for a long time so use this energy wisely.  If you have been seeking changes now is the time to shine your light and find your soul’s purpose.  Leo loves to be in the spotlight and be in front of an audience (even if the audience is a group of close friends).  Leo energy is very fun, charismatic, generous and loyal when it’s expressed on the high side but too much of this fire sign can result in arrogance and aggression so be careful with that.  This New Moon is sitting right next to our favorite planet in retrograde, Mercury which reminds us to be careful with what we say but also look within to see how we can best express ourselves to the public. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance is at a 90 degree angle with the New Moon and Mercury which can bring a bit of a challenge with potentially overextending ourselves or wanting to express ourselves so much that we end up making promises that we can’t keep.  Once again, think before you speak and  evaluate how you are going to deliver any promises made during this time.

On the lighter side of this energy, this is a great time to celebrate your accomplishments and those of others!! The problem with Leo’s low side comes when it’s all about one person without considering others so show off your success with pride but also take that same excitement when praising others accomplishments and making your loved ones feel appreciated.  Step into the flirty, fun energy of Leo and set some creative intentions that allow yourself to shine your light and express yourself fully but first listen to your deepest hearts desires!  Then set some action plans with the strength and courage of the Leo lion!!

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Crystal Recommendations:

Azurite – Malachite to help with egocentric tendencies and arrogance

Kyanite – for good communication and the throat chakra

Essential Oil Recommendations:

Passion (Inspiring Blend) to help you find your passion and step into your playful, creative side especially if you’ve been too serious lately

Citrus Bliss (Invigorating Blend) helps you get motivated and express yourself in a creative way bringing excitement back into your life.

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