New Moon in Gemini

The Gemini New Moon on June 13, 2018 is bringing a lot of communication and possible mental chatter out there.  Gemini is ruled by Mercury and during this New Moon Mercury plays an even bigger role since it is right next to the New Moon.  We may feel a little more sensitive and even have some breakdowns as Mercury is in the sign of Cancer bringing emotional needs out to light. Focusing on the throat chakra during the next few days will allow you to work with this energy to communicate with others better, especially siblings if you have any and most importantly with yourself.  Knowing exactly what your truth is and being able to express it in a healthy way how you are feeling. Writing thoughts on paper or journal will reduce some of the mental chatter that creates stress and nervousness.  If you find yourself rambling or not being able to get the words out clearly take a deep breath to recenter yourself, grab a blue calcite or other blue crystal to your throat chakra and take a few deep breaths of peppermint essential oil all used to open your throat chakra.  You may also benefit from meditating with these tools (or without) finding a quiet time for yourself to untangle all those thoughts/words that are trying to come out.  Mercury and Gemini energy also likes to gather information and collect data so grab a book that you have been intrigued by or has been on your “to read” list.

During these New and Full Moons I also find it very eye-opening to see what field of area this new moon is happening in my life. For example; based on the time, place and date I was born I am able to see what area this New Moon is affecting me in and oh boy was it intense! I was able to use that information to first become aware of why I was suddenly feeling so triggered by certain things almost like a switch had turned on, then I used that information to create some much needed reflection and healing in that area.  It still amazes me how spot on these astrological charts are and how in using them we can continue to grow.

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What are you expressing this New Moon?


Gemini is ruled by Mercury and during this New Moon Mercury plays an even bigger role since..

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