New Moon in Cancer – Feel the Feels

The New Moon in Cancer, on July 12, 2018 at 8:48p.m MST, is also a partial solar eclipse which heightens the energies in the sky! Cancer is ruled by the Moon making it an even more powerful time to “feel the feels”. This nurturing sign asks us to dig deeper into the unconscious with emphasis on healing and creating a safe, comforting environment within our home.  Cancer is a water sign and just like it’s representation of the crab who has a hard outer shell protecting a vulnerable interior we may be more inclined to protect ourselves or be guarded depending on how the moon is affecting your personal chart.  During this New Moon take a moment of quiet reflection and tune in to what you are feeling or any triggers that have come up as the New Moon approached.  Meditate or journal about what you are truly craving in life right now.

Dreamwork is highlighted as well due to the positive angle of Neptune with the New Moon.  Neptune is in the sign it rules, Pisces which is connected to spirituality, transcendence and dreamwork (my favorite!)  If there was ever a time to nurture your spiritual side and listen to your intuition it is now!! Perhaps engage in some shadow work by simply noticing the dreams you are having these next few days (or always).  Dreams involving water represent your deepest emotions and how they are affecting your waking life.  Keep a dream journal of whatever details you remember or the emotion you wake up with.  Pluto, the planet of transformation, is directly opposite the New Moon really pushing us to release what’s not serving us so we can start the new moon cycle with a clean slate.

Cancer is connected to the nurturing mother, birth family and home life.  Some things to embrace during this time, if possible, is spending time with your family or friends that are like family.  A nice gesture of appreciation like a home cooked nourishing meal or verbally saying what you love about the people closest to you. There’s a lot of emphasis on self-care and nurturing yourself that should not be overlooked or limited to just July 12th.  Use this eclipse to create a new self-care practice that will continue, hopefully forever, and watch all the blessings unfold!  When we nurture ourselves and make that a priority the universe feels this and brings more opportunities and caring friendships/relationships will naturally come your way.  Add some water safe crystals to your bath or take your practice anywhere near water to add to this beautiful energy!

Since every sign has high and low sides some things to look out for if you are expressing the low sides of Cancer are neediness, moodiness, insecurities and there may be some tendencies to indulge in comfort foods if emotions become too much and hard to deal with. But no need to worry… I have some recommendations for you like always!

Crystal recommendation:

  • Moonstone! Perfect for any moon ritual but especially this one with emotions so high. Moonstone will help release energy blockages and builds confidence.  It helps when feeling overly sensitive and enhances compassion and peace of mind.

Essential Oil Recommendations:

  • Whisper blend: enhances feminine energies if feeling imbalanced in this area (remember we all have both masculine and feminine energies). Helps with irritability, softens harsh moods and helps heal relationship with mother figure.
  • Bergamot for self-acceptance and knowing your worth.  Boosts self esteem and reminds you you are LOVABLE!

How will you nurture yourself this New Moon?


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