Full Moon in Pisces – Follow your Dreams

Have your dreams been more intense lately?  This full moon in Pisces is likely the cause of that.  Known as the Transcendent Dreamer this is a time to really notice what you’re dreams are telling you.  The full moon was at it’s peak on Sunday August 26, 2018 at approximately 5:55 a.m MST but it’s energy is still strong for the next 2 to 3 days. Pisces is a spiritual and mystic sign so during this time would be very beneficial to  connect with your spiritual practice if you have one.  Meditation is ideal for this full moon to really tap in to your deepest desires and really visualize your biggest dreams.  The full moon is opposite the sun in Virgo which can be used in the favor of this intense water sign by grounding it and helping it start forming a practical plan to achieve that vision and move towards your souls purpose.  During this time we still have 6 planets retrograde which asks us to slow down and look within.  Your practice, meditation and dream-work will really help you see what else needs releasing and what you are really aiming for even if “the dream” seems to big to even vocalize.  Dream BIG and don’t hold back!!  Saturn and Uranus are also playing a part creating a grand trine with the sun (like a cosmic triangle). This means that they are all equally supporting each other in each of their key features.  Uranus bring in the quick flashes of inspiration while the sun in Virgo pays attention to the details and Saturn evaluates the work needed to see them through to completion. These two planets are part of the 6 in retrograde so take note of the ideas that come flooding in during your meditation or dream-work practices as they can leave as quickly as they come.  Journal everything that comes to mind even past ideas that come rushing back in. We’re still in the “slowing down” phase and this is the perfect time to use your imagination and connect with your mystic dreamer side.

Keeping in mind that all signs have both high and low sides be careful if you become too dreamy especially if it is causing you to not get regular day to day tasks unfinished.  This is a great time to follow your intuition as Pisces is a highly intuitive and empathic sign.  Find a way to balance your responsibilities and your spiritual practice. Some of my favorite ways to connect with my intuition aside from dream-work is working with the tarot, meditating with my crystals and sitting outside letting the moons energies wash over me.  These are the times where I get my most creative ideas and I share about all of these tools and more in my Dreaming Yogi Community .

I am hosting a special full moon ceremony for my community members tomorrow, Tuesday August 28, 2018 where we will connect with our dream guides and work to bring our souls calling forward in our dreams! All ceremonies are live and recorded for easy accessibility.

Crystal & Oil Recommendations

Amethyst – great for meditation and calms over sensitivities

Lavender – to help you sleep throughout the night and connect with your innermost thoughts and desires.

Amethyst infused Restful Sleep blend – perfect balance of connection to practice while feeling more grounded and stabilized as you go on your spiritual pursuit.

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Have your dreams been more intense lately?  This full moon in Pisces is likely the cause of that.  Known as the Transcendent Dreamer this is a time to really notice what you're dreams are telling you...

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