Blog Categories

Navigate through these blog categories for education posts on different holistic modalities:

Sleep & Dreams

This section covers tips for a healthy sleep schedule and connecting to dream symbolism.

Yoga & Meditation

This section covers the different areas of a yoga and meditation practice.      

Essential Oils

Essential Oils offer a range of benefits for physical, emotional and even spiritual use.  Learn more about their benefits and uses in this section.      


Astrology can be used for guidance.  Flow with the energies of the planets and learn how they affect us.

Holistic Tools

This section covers holistic tools and techniques that can be used for personal growth and emotional management.  

Business & Tech Support

Mentorship program to help spiritual entrepreneurs start and run their businesses smoothly without the headaches of what to do first! This program will include how to videos for the programs needed to get you started. Also includes Monthly moon ceremonies to set action plans for your intentions and hold each other accountable! All of this… Continue reading Business & Tech Support