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Keeping a Nightly Routine

How many of you struggle getting a good nights rest each night?  I certainly have struggled with a lot of sleep issues in the past due to severe anxieties and panic attacks.  I used to be an insomniac, suffered from sleep deprivation and roamed around all day on auto-pilot feeling like a zombie.  I would constantly struggle to keep my eyes open and impatiently wait until I could finally  go home to sleep.   Night time would roll around and my mind would think it was Continue reading “Keeping a Nightly Routine”

Stress Management

The Importance of Having a Daily Practice

importance of daily practice

What does having a daily practice mean to you?  Having a daily practice means so many different things to different people.  My practice doesn’t have to  look like yours.  It’s a time that you dedicate to yourself for your physical and/or mental wellbeing.  We live in a society now that is always on the go.  We are always doing instead of just being, making lists, rushing out the door, committing to others yet not committing to ourselves.

Having a daily practice can have a huge impact on Continue reading “The Importance of Having a Daily Practice”

Stress Management

Grounding through the Holidays


The holiday’s should be a joyous time with family and friends gathered around the dinning table or reunions where we can reconnect with our loved ones.  It usually is for some but with all great events comes planning and can get us overwhelmed.  Since I’ve been doing more personal work on myself I have been more in tune with my emotions and anxieties do rise as malls and stores get packed and traffic gets intense.  This is something we are covering over in some of my groups as well as within my own personal practices and I wanted to share a couple of tips with you.

Continue reading “Grounding through the Holidays”

Holistic Tools

Officially a Yoga Instructor!!

Earlier this month I completed The Kaivalya Yoga Method 200 hour  Teacher Training with YogaDownload!!  This program was the first step into my holistic journey and am filled with gratitude for the opportunity of taking this training at my own pace and through my own healing.

I started noticing the healing effects of yoga when I Continue reading “Officially a Yoga Instructor!!”

Dream Interpretation

Sleep deprivation and health issues

Sleep Deprivation

How many of you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep? Not to mention how challenging it makes the rest of your day when you haven’t had the rest your body needs! Sleep deprivation can cause a number of health issues if it goes on for too long.
Some of the health issues include: Continue reading “Sleep deprivation and health issues”

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Stress and Dreams


How many of you are dealing with stress right now? Has this impacted the quality of sleep you get each night? Stress can cause a number of side effects both physically and mentally.  Stress affects your sleep affecting the quality and quantity of rest each night. When stressed your mind gets sudden sparks of mental energy where thoughts and scenarios run around based on what has you nervous. This makes it nearly impossible to shut down for the night. However, getting a good night’s sleep will reduce stress so it is all linked! Continue reading “Stress and Dreams”

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Tips for Procrastination


When I find myself with a large to-do list I quickly get overwhelmed, stare at the list and proceed the rest of the day dreading and not knowing where to start.  Does this sound familiar?   Procrastination is tied to stress and anxiety creating that blockage in our mind that our overflowing tasks will never be fulfilled or just the laziness that comes with feeling like it will take such a long time to complete before you can fully relax.  This can also keep you up at night and affect your dreams creating a vicious cycle.  Going to bed with a lot on your mind or regretting the tasks that were not completed will keep our mind racing.  Continue reading “Tips for Procrastination”

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Dream Crystals


As some of you may know I am a certified Crystal Healer and I use this amazing tool for my dream work as well.  The specific vibrations of the crystals can be used to help you with your sleep and promote sweet dreams.  Some can even help you bring a dream forward! How cool is that?  One crystal can have many different properties both physical and emotional just depends on how you program it which you can learn all about that in our Crystal Healing Course.  Below I’ve listed the basic dream crystals and mention a couple other uses for them while you’re awake! Continue reading “Dream Crystals”

Holistic Tools



I have to share with you guys my love for this subscription box, BuddhiBox!  I subscribed to it last summer and have loved all the products included, it’s a surprise each time filled with amazing yoga accessories, natural beauty products,  jewelry and soo much more with healthy recipes and cute yoga pose cards in each box.  Here’s a little preview from a box a few months ago (cute doggie not included). Continue reading “BuddhiBox”

Dream Interpretation

Ideal Sleep Environment

A lot of our dream issues such as restlessness and nightmares can be simple to fix with a few adjustments to your sleep environment.  I’m going to share with you some tips to explore that will promote a more restful night’s sleep 🙂

dream-chamberStarting with the most important! Your room (or dream chamber it sounds fancier ;)) keep these things in mind when decorating your room. Continue reading “Ideal Sleep Environment”