Prana Flow Meditation

Hope you enjoy this months meditation, scroll down for two bonus videos, one on Prana Mudra that you can use for today’s meditation and one on 5 different breathing techniques for stress to use throughout your day. This is the last meditation I am providing for Buddhibox, it has been such a pleasure creating these meditations for the past 2+ years that I want to extend my gratitude and offer all BBEO subscribers a free month in my community site so we can continue meditating together and even connecting in our group calls 🙂

Click HERE to start your free month. You can even enter to win our community challenge of the month 🙂 I also have a library of free guides for you! Just leave your email HERE for access to my dream guide, essential oil guide and Mudras for sleep mini course 🙂 (I will be adding more!)

 What the community offers is:
🎇Weekly card pulls
🎇Monthly meditations
🎇Holistic workshops on different healing modalities
🎇Monthly group calls
🎇optional book club, health & fitness room, spiritual biz support
🎇referral program with prizes to enhance your practice
🎇lots of love, friendship, support and it’s own platform outside of Facebook

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Watch this to learn more about what prana is and a mudra you can add to today’s meditation!
Here is your meditation 🙂
Bonus video on different breathing techniques and the blog that goes with it is HERE.