Create your Aligned Business using the Chakras


Create your Aligned Business using the chakras is a self paced course that guides you through the essential parts of setting up and growing a business authentically while delivering your message clearly.

Does staring or growing your business sound overwhelming?

👩🏻‍💻Does the tech part often makes you want to throw in the towel?

👩🏻‍💻Have you wondered how to deliver your message without sounding salesy?

👩🏻‍💻Struggling to attract your dream clients?

👩🏻‍💻Find yourself stressed with social media and not wanting to be glued to your phone all day?

Imagine being able to take time off and decompress while making sales and nurturing your clients automatically...

🖤Waking up every day inspired with a solid business plan that is aligned with your mission


🖤Breaks from social media while STILL showing up for your audience


🖤Doing more of what you love in your business from a place of inspiration and creativity!


🖤Knowing you and your work are making a difference while keeping your sanity

All of that is possible and more when you use the chakras to create an aligned business plan which is what I will show you in this course!

I’ve had these same business struggles before.

I used to work as an engineer before starting my business as a dream interpreter. The funny thing is that even though I enjoyed it (and the paycheck) it didn’t feel like my true calling.

Learning about the chakra system helped me tune into what felt right to me and my new career change.

Applying this same chakra system to my business has helped it grow authentically while reducing burn out knowing I’m working in alignment with my dharma, my life purpose!

This allowed me to move forward and not look back which is what I will be guiding you through as we navigate the chakras of your business!


⚙ a system that allows you to check in on the state of your business


⚙ guide to setting up the bare essentials for your business to run smoothly so you can actually take days off and still make money


⚙ clarity on finding the ONE thing you’re passionate about sharing even if you have many interests


⚙ strengthening your message so the right people are naturally drawn to your offerings


⚙ full workbooks to map out your aligned business plan and workshop walking you through it


💻 for setting up a membership, online courses, online shop and socials to run on automate 


💻 to maximize your time, focus and productivity


💻and meditations for bringing more abundance and prosperity while remaining aligned to you mission

❔Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a time limit to this class?

This course is completely self paced with no time limit.


What if I don’t have a business?

The first thing we cover is how to find your niche even when you have various interests so it doesn’t matter if you don’t currently have a business.  It will actually help you get organized from the beginning and even save money by knowing exactly what works. 


Are there any refunds?

Do to the nature of this course and instant access there are no refunds. If you run into any questions I’m always answering in the comments.

Ready to step into your gifts and share them with the world?