Hi, I’m Meli.

I help sleep deprived and stressed individuals uncover the root cause of their anxieties through dreamwork.  Leave your email below for a Dream Meditation and other additional resources. 

About Me

My journey with dreamwork

started back in 2015 when I let fear and anxiety rule my life.  That drove me to start looking everywhere for something that would give me peace of mind. I was having reoccurring dreams that were showing me what the root cause of my anxieties were.  I started meditating, practicing yoga, using essential oils, crystals, even tarot! 

I was noticing immediate results in my stress levels and better sleep that I made it my mission to share these tools with others who deal with stress and sleep deprivation.

Fast forward to today, I have left my Engineering job to focus full time on helping others use these holistic modalities in a process I call Dream Healing.

Our dreams hold powerful messages from our unconscious minds which try to tell us, through dream symbols, what our deep triggers and issues are. Through dream interpretation you can decipher what those dreams mean and how they relate to a current or past situation. Sounds pretty cool right? But then what?

That’s where dream healing comes in. Dream Healing is what you do AFTER you’ve received the message and understand what these deep emotions are. Using a range of holistic modalities to create a unique protocol for you to apply to your waking life. It’s not just about listening to your unconscious but acknowledging it’s importance and doing something about it. 

I can personally speak that Meli is an excellent mentor in dream interpretation and healing. Meli really makes the whole experience feel specialized to the individual and has a depth of knowledge in symbolism and modalities (i.e. crystals, essential oils, oracle cards, tarot, tea reading, etc.) to not only teach you to understand your dreams but what to do with the information for healing and growth.

Michelle Harding


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What People Are Saying

I was having a recurring dream that would leave me feeling anxious. It was very vivid and real to life. Meli helped me interpret the meaning behind it. It was an emotional, yet beautiful experience. She is kind and compassionate and empathetic! Since my session with her, I was able to consciously do some work to address the root cause. What’s more, the dream stopped. I haven’t had the recurring dream since! Thank you Meli!

Beth Rockert

I needed guidance with a dream I had. Meli helped me see my dream from a new angle and provided so much insight! She really knows her stuff and has such an eye for the small but important details in a dream. I’ll definitely be coming to Meli with any future dream assistance!

Cherise Williams

To anyone who is interested in learning more about their dreams, and what tools you can use to interpret them I would highly recommend Meli’s course! It was way more than I ever expected. I’ve learned new crystals and essential oils to use with dream recall which is something that I personally have struggled with. I’ve also had many recurring dreams that I’ve been able to find a deeper meaning behind that I no idea could help me heal in other areas of my life. Meli is a wealth of knowledge, positive, always responds quickly to any questions you might have. I’m very grateful for this amazing class and experience. Thank you Meli!!

Erika Carpenter


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