Want to Transform This Year? Try My Personal Ritual!

I previously wrote about the importance of stepping back during the winter and the New Year excitement. Remember that by doing that, you can set a good foundation for actually stepping forward with your resolution. To help, I want to share a mystical ritual that I like to do every new year that creates transformation and clarity on what areas to focus on in your life using astrology and the art of reading your natal chart.


Those Things of The Past

It’s useful making the time to review the previous year and see key events that happened throughout. To better track it all, I keep a journal for personal day-to-day, coupled with my dream journal. Plus, by knowing how to read my natal chart I’m able to see what planets were causing a ruckus in my life, and what was happening during that time in order to reflect on it. If you are a new student of astrology or still in the beginning phases, this is a good way to practice and revisit what happened because you already know how it panned out. You’ll start picking up patterns in how certain planets were doing certain things and how that affected you personally, so you can start noticing what lessons came from that. 


Make Your Plan

When you look at the upcoming year, you do the same thing. You look out for the energies that are going to be more prominent and will affect your personal relationship with the planets. Then you can see how it’s aligning with your goals, resolutions, and plans for certain projects that you want to fulfill. Looking at the past helps you see those lessons and gives a general outline of the patterns you may see in the upcoming year through the lens of astrology.


(Almost) Nothing Can Stop You!

You can also prepare to weather events such as Mercury retrograde. I am not the type to delay something because of the planets, and sometimes you can’t stop it, like work or moving, or a trip. You don’t want to suddenly put life on hold for a month or more based on what’s happening in the sky. However, what you can do is prepare for delays, hiccups, and other surprises by making a plan before major events like a retrograde period (especially a Mercury one!) By examining your natal charts and astrology, you can equip yourself to handle whatever challenges come your way because you’ll know what energy you have to work with. But remember that astrology is not telling you you must do things a certain way, as we still have free will. But if you are seeing that there is a challenge and it’s affecting your mood, you have an understanding of the energy you have to flip it around, allowing you to benefit.


Practice Makes Perfect

So let’s look at my life as an example. Whenever there’s a full moon in Gemini, which is so close to my Chiron, the wounded healer, I notice I get extra triggered as more from my past comes up and it seems to send me into a spiral emotionally. However, now that I know that, I can pick up on that and better handle my emotions in those moments. Because the moon phases affect our dreams and how to work with them. But through dream work, you can become aware of that and see what’s happening concerning the planets. That is how I’m feeling right now, how the moon is affecting my dreams. I connect the two because the full moon in Gemini happens every year, so I can recognize it quicker, and each time that helps me process the emotions faster and more effectively without going in a downward spiral. 


A Truly Transformational New Year

That’s why I highly recommend doing this little mystical ritual, looking at the past through the lens of astrology, planning for the future, and seeing what’s to come. Having that in a journal or a planner and writing down the glyphs on the side to see what these key energies will be like, then mapping out whatever goals, projects, trips, etc. you have and how they pair up with those energies, combining it with journaling your dreams is going to give you a thorough overview. The dreams show you your deeper internal landscape, if you will, while astrology shows the bigger picture of what’s influencing you externally. By pairing these two approaches to reviewing your life, you can create a transformational year every year!


So that’s my quick little tip for you. If you know how to apply astrology to your natal charts, it’s an easy practice to add to your repertoire that I hope can set you up for success. All you need is to start journaling and be mindful of the shifts that happen to you when the planetary energies do their dance. Should you want a bit of guidance, I have a webinar where I break down working with your subconscious mind to clear out all those blockages and set up your transformational year. Otherwise, you’re always welcome to reach out with quick questions or thoughts to The Dreaming Yogi on social media or email meli@thedreamingyogi.org.


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