Essential oils can be used for many things around the house especially if you’re wanting to live a more green, toxic free life. My favorite way to use essential oils is to work through suppressed emotions.  When we are working with dream alchemy meaning transforming our lives based on the message in our dreams we can use essential oils based on the emotion that showed up in your dream or the physical association linked to it.

What is dream alchemy?

Alchemy itself just means transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary or the art of transformation. When we look at this in terms of dream alchemy, we’re getting the message from our dreams of what emotion is being suppressed or blocked and what needs to be worked on.

Then we add some “magic dust” in the form of holistic tools crafted to the specific situation and then you do that repetition in waking life until the issue is transformed into something beautiful that is no longer suppressed or blocked.

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Once you’ve interpreted the dream and know what ONE thing you want to focus on you can find or make a special blend of essential oils (or just a single one) that you use for a certain period of time in combination with journaling or other practices to help release the blockage around that emotion. 

The beauty is you will see the dream shift as the inner work  you’re doing does its job!

“If you listen to your body when it whispers you won’t have to hear it scream”

Ways to use oils for emotions

  • Roll it on while practicing a yoga flow addressing that emotion or energy body
  • Diffuse while journaling
  • Creating your own ritual or visualization with the oil

Depending on the oil, you may do this daily until the emotion no longer is triggering you as much as it was at the beginning. 

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What essential oil will you use tonight?

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