If you have any children, younger siblings or work with kids you probably already know how vivid their dreams can be.  But what happens when these vivid dreams create nightmares which lead to them fearing going to bed?  I know this happens to adults as well so the tools I’m sharing today can be modified for every age, however I want to talk about how to get creative in your kids dream routine to not only make it fun for them but also make it a safe space for them to feel protected in their dreams.

Dreamwork for children

  • Create a “Monster be gone” spray or use their favorite super hero name. Add in essential oils and crystals that protect against nightmares. Spritz above their head and have them visualize a protect bubble surrounding them can use it to “arm” them with the tools to feel empowered
  • Oil suggestions for nightmares: lavender, juniper berry, balance blend
  • Crystal suggestions: Amethyst crystal chips, black tourmaline chips
  • Have a bedtime meditative practice with a dream catcher above their bed sharing how the webs trap nightmares and only let the good dreams enter.

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What nightmare fighting blend will you create?

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