If you have any children, younger siblings or work with kids you probably already know how vivid their dreams can be.  But what happens when these vivid dreams create nightmares which lead to them fearing going to bed?  I know this happens to adults as well so the tools I’m sharing today can be modified for every age, however I want to talk about how to get creative in your kids dream routine to not only make it fun for them but also make it a safe space for them to feel protected in their dreams.


Empowering Children to Conquer Nightmares

Do you know any child who is afraid to go to sleep due to their nightmares? This is a common problem that many parents and caregivers encounter when dealing with children. The good news is that there are ways to help children feel safe and protected while they sleep, and this can make a significant difference in their overall well-being. In this blog post, I will share some tips on how to empower children and make dream work fun for them.

Children are known to be imaginative and creative, and their dreams can be particularly vivid. However, what happens when these vivid dreams turn into nightmares? This can cause them to become scared of going to bed, which can lead to bedtime procrastination, tantrums, and a host of other behavioral problems. Adults can also experience this same problem, and they may not understand what the message in the nightmares is. Regardless of the age group, it is essential to have tools to help release the nightmares, calm the mind and body, and promote better sleep.

Sweet Dreams with a Magical Spray

The first tip is to create a spray that will help children feel safe and protected from nightmares. You can give the spray a fun name such as “Monster Be Gone” or “Empress.” Use your child’s favorite cartoon show or superhero to create a cute sticker and combine essential oils that promote sweet dreams, protect their mind, and get them grounded. The essential oils can be customized for adults as well by just using the oil, but for children, it’s best to make it a fun experience. The oils will do the work on their own, but the creative side will make it more exciting for kids.

One great thing about this spray is that you can make it a part of your child’s bedtime routine. They can spray it around themselves or their room to create a protective barrier from whatever they are afraid of. Encourage your child to visualize that the particles falling down on their skin are creating a protective bubble surrounding them. This visualization can arm them with the tools they need to feel empowered and grab it whenever they are feeling frightened at night.

Some essential oils that you can use for this spray include lavender, which is a mild sedative that is good for sleep issues and calming the mind and body. Juniper berry is also excellent for those who have nightmares or night terrors. The Balanced Blend I use in my elixirs has a mixture of essential oils that help people feel grounded and centered. You can mix them up, create your own blend, just make sure you are looking at the properties of the oils to make sure they are calming and not energizing since you want to encourage sleep. Adding crystal chips like amethyst or black tourmaline can also be a meditative practice for children which has their own set of benefits and charges the oil blend.

Keep Nightmares at Bay with a Meditative Dreamcatcher-making Session

The second tip is to use a dreamcatcher. You can also make it a meditative practice by explaining to your child how the web of the dreamcatcher traps nightmares and only lets the good dreams in. You can even make a dreamcatcher with your child to make it extra fun and infuse that intention with them. Children love doing things that are DIY and imaginative, so this can be an exciting activity for them.

If you have a child who is afraid to go to bed because of their nightmares, there are ways to help them feel safe and protected. Creating a spray and using a dreamcatcher can be simple and effective ways to empower children and make dream work fun for them. Remember to choose essential oils that are calming and not energizing and to involve your child in the process to make it a fun experience. With these tips, your child can look forward to bedtime and feel safe in their dreams.

Quick Review: Dreamwork for children

  • Create a “Monster be gone” spray or use their favorite super hero name. Add in essential oils and crystals that protect against nightmares. Spritz above their head and have them visualize a protect bubble surrounding them can use it to “arm” them with the tools to feel empowered

  • Oil suggestions for nightmares: lavender, juniper berry, balance blend

  • Crystal suggestions: Amethyst crystal chips, black tourmaline chips

  • Have a bedtime meditative practice with a dream catcher above their bed sharing how the webs trap nightmares and only let the good dreams enter.

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