When we experience sleep issues there are a few things to consider in your environment that might be affecting your sleep.  Stress is a common factor as well as bringing work, relationship problems or general life issues to the bed with you so it’s important to create a transition between your day and night so you can get settled into bed. But there is one main thing to address in your sleep environment that makes a huge difference to your sleep and that is your dream chamber, aka bedroom.

Revamping your dream chamber for optimal sleep

Things to consider in your room that may also be affecting your sleep are…

  • Colors
  • Decorations
  • clutter both visible and hidden
  • Activities – anything that stimulates the mind such as studying or work
  • Room temperature etc.

There are many things to look at when it comes to prepping your room to be the optimal place for peace, sleep and dreams! Start with an inventory of your room and challenge yourself to make one small change each week and see how your sleep improves.

The first section in “A Dream Interpreter’s workbook” walks you through this inventory and other tips for sleep. 

nighttime ritual challenge

What small change will you make in your room tonight?

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