What does your night time routine look like? If it’s anything like scrolling your phone or overthinking the day then this video is for you…

Journal on what your current routine is now and how that is working or not for you. Remember we can’t change what we’re not aware of which is why I always suggest journaling the current state before coming up with a game plan.

Creating your mystical nightly routine

  • Prep your space first by cleansing yourself and your room so that you can transition from any overwhelm or negative energy of the day.
    • Gather all your tools that you want for your routine so you have them handy and saves you time in trying to find everything each night. You’ll loose motivation and make it harder for yourself if every night you have to search your home for your yoga mat, oils or whatever it is that you want to incorporate. We want to reduce any resistance!
  • Then the actual practice which you’ll need to test out to see what works for you. Make sure that it doesn’t feel like a chore. A good rule of thumb is to make your routine cover these three parts: Body, Mind & Spirit.
    • Prepare your body for the long hours of stillness through yoga or any gentle movement to stretch the body out
    • Prepare your mind to reduce mental chatter by journaling or brain dumping anything that you’re still thinking of
    • Prepare your Spirit through meditation or breathwork such as connecting with your dream guide

I break this down even further with more suggestions for each and journaling prompts in my 3 days to a dreamy practice challenge HERE.

nighttime ritual challenge

What will you add or remove from your nighttime routine?

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