Have you connected with your dream guide or even heard about them? We each have one that protects and guides us each night similar to spirit guides.

💫Dream Guides are beings of love and light that bring forward the dream we need to have for a specific healing purpose.

💫They can shape shift to blend in with the dream or look like someone you know, never bringing the full attention to themselves.

Once you connect with them your dreams will be extra insightful! Connect with yours tonight with my “Meet your Dream guide” meditation!

Ways to identify your dream guide:

  • They can shapeshift to blend into the dream
  • They’re not main characters but give off a mentor vibe.
  • Can be your sidekick being by your side to make sure you are safe.
  • Usually won’t come up with their own idea as they are mostly observers.
  • They may show up as someone you know or a stranger but will feel familiar.

Dream Guides aren’t always visible in dreams, sometimes they won’t come forward but just know they are always there with you. In this meditation you will meet them and start to develop a connection with them. Do it before bed for a couple of nights and journal any dreams that come up. Make observations to see if he or she has shown up for you.

Maybe a name will come up, as well, if not in the meditation then perhaps in a dream! Be patient, if this is your first attempt to connect, it may take a few tries similar to reconnecting with an old friend you’ve lost touch with. I would love to hear your experience with this in the comments below!

Meet your dream guide tonight using this meditation!

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